A love story with a twist ❤️

I have been in a relationship with Trey my son’s father for 8 years. He’s one of the only men that I have ever been physical with. Trey is a good father but a horrible boyfriend. Over the last couple of years there has been too many side chicks to name, but because I love him I stay. I just end up arguing with the chick of the week over social media and then he buys a jewelry and takes me out and I move on, but lately something is going on with me. Trey he isn’t pleasing me anymore. And I’ve really been crushing on my neighbors Rodney. 

Rodney is everything Trey isn’t. He is tall dark and handsome and has the waves to make you seasick. His tattoos look professional and his teeth damn his teeth are perfect. Finally after months of passing each other in the hallway Rodney asked for my number. We started texting and flirting and I told him how unhappy I was with Trey. Rodney told me I deserved better. He told me he knew how to treat a woman like myself and I believed him. Rodney is a single dad and works two jobs and hustles on the side. So finally when he asked me to come over to chill I happily accepted knowing damn well I didn’t want to watch anything on Netflix. We agreed that I would come over once Trey left for work. I waited all day for Trey to leave and once he left I texted Rodney On my way!

Before I left the house I showered making sure I was fresh and put on only my robe and a thong. Once I knocked on Rodney’s door and he opened it I barely let the door close before dropping my robe. Rodney immediately began kissing me all over. He lifted me up and carried me to his bed. Once in his room he immediately spread my legs and began going to town. My toes began to curl and my eyes rolled back in my head. All I could do was moan and climax over and over on his tongue. I had been waiting for this day ever since Rodney moved into the apartment. His mouth was amazing and I could hardly wait for him to penetrate me. I looked up and asked him if he had protection?

Rodney reached behind his bed a grabbed a magnum. I looked down and could see that he was definitely packing. Definitely more than Trey. I could hardly wait. Rodney held the condom and sat on the bed. I asked him what was wrong. He replied nothing I just want to feel you all of you. Don’t you trust me he said. Knowing damn well that I should’ve said no. But I just couldn’t resist Rodney. It’s ok I replied I trust you Rodney. He dropped the condom and spread my legs again slowly entering me. I could feel myself expanding to let him inside me. All the while I’m thinking to myself damn I should tell him that I’m positive. But shit fuck it Trey ass didn’t bother to tell me that he caught the bug after messing with God knows how many women. I asked him to use a condom. Well what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him or whatever. And anyway if the tables were reversed he wouldn’t tell me so why should I? I just sat back and let zaddy work! 

End of Part One

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