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Violated Part 2

After I was brutally gang raped by the star basketball player and his cousins, I stayed home from school for two weeks. I told my mother I was sick, and then I used the excuse of having a very heavy period. My mother went to the school to pick up all my coursework so I wouldn’t fall behind.  However, after missing two weeks of school my mother no longer accepted anymore excuses, and I was forced to go back to school.

When I got back to school rumors were already circulating about me leaving school early with Cody. Everyone knew and everyone assumed that I had sex with Cody. No one knew that Cody and his 5 cousins raped me. Everyone just thought I was the school slut of the month. 

I sat down and someone passed me a note asking me to confirm whether Cody’s package was as big as the rumors indicated. I stupidly responded to the note and said Yes bigger.

Later on that day the rumors got worst. My best friend Cindy, and her little sister Cali told everyone that Cody paid me 30 dollars to sleep with him, and now I was pregnant. I knew that Cindy also had a crush on Cody, but I never thought in a million years that she would betray me in such a way. I was humiliated and embarrassed. Suddenly everyone in the whole school knew my name and my reputation.

The situation only got worst after lunch when I was informed a video of the incident was circulating around the school. The principal called me out of my third period class, and I was sick. The principal advised me that he was aware of the video that was circulating, and he was aware of me bragging about the incident. The principal had the copy of the note I wrote earlier about the size of Cody’s penis. All I could do was cry, and yell. 

“They raped me” I cried out repeatedly.

“Who raped you” the principal asked. 

“Cody, Chase, Trust, Quincy, Bryan, and Jakiem. They all rape me and told me they would kill me if I told anyone. Now the whole school thinks I had sex with Cody, but they raped me” I said. 

“Harmony please understand that rape is a serious allegation. I understand that sometimes girls especially high school girls do things they regret to impress boys. Cody is the star basketball player I know the kind of attention he receives from girls. You may have made a mistake Harmony, but a rape allegation will not make that mistake go away. A rape allegation will not clear your conscious or your reputation Harmony. I’m sure you would not initially ruin Cody’s career, because of a mistake” the principal said.

“A mistake? They raped me” I said angrily. I could see that the principal didn’t care about me. He didn’t care that I was brutally raped. All he cared about was Cody, Cody’s reputation, and Cody staying on the basketball team. I ran out of the principal’s office into the bathroom. I felt like the walls were closing in on me.

Once I got into the bathroom I vomited in the sink. As I was trying to clean my face Cody’s girlfriend Michelle and her best friend India walked into the bathroom. No words were exchanged before the girls started fighting me. I tried to fight back, but I couldn’t win the fight. Michele punched me repeatedly in the face causing me to fall to the floor and as soon as I hit the floor India kicked me in my head.

“They forced me” I cried out. However, that did not stop them from hitting me. The fight lasted what seemed like hours until the principal came in and broke up the fight.

Michelle and India were both suspended for a week, but that didn’t end my troubles. I went to the ER after the fight because my eye was swollen, and blood was leaking everywhere. Word got out around the school that I was claiming that Cody and his family members raped me.

Once I got out of the hospital my mother took me home. All my social media accounts were flooded with notifications. I was public enemy number one. 

“Hoes love crying rape #metoo” one person commented on my Facebook page”

“Girl nobody raped you. You were paid for your services ma’am” another person left on my twitter. 

“Billy Cosby, R.Kelly, Nelly, and now Cody. We all know black men are guilty until proven innocent and even after that they are guilty. You should be ashamed of yourself for helping tarnish another black king’s reputation. They want us dead or in jail and you’re allowing yourself to be used as a pawn” one overly woke person sent to my direct messages.

I didn’t even want to check instragram to see what people were saying about me. News of my accusation spread so fast around my small town I had no choice other than to tell my mother what happened. 

Once I broke the news to my mother she just cried. However, to my surprise she was not angry with me. She advised me that she wished that I came to her right after the rape. She made a appointment for me to see a gynecologist and she contacted the local police department. My mother advised me how important it was for me to report the rape. She advised me that this was probably not the first time Cody and his family raped someone and unless I stood up for myself, they would continue to violate young girls in the worst way possible.

My mother explained to me how important it was for me not to blame myself for the rape. She advised if I didn’t matter if I left school early with Cody, he did not have the right to violate me in such a horrible way. Cody and his family took my innocence. My mother was my rock. 

I gave my statement to the police and Cody, and his raping cousins were charged with sexual assault and possession of child pornography. Once again I was public enemy number one, and everyone hated me. Cody was kicked off the basketball team and lost several scholarships. 

Eight weeks after the rape and I noticed that I was very nauseous. I would vomit after everything I ate, and foods I used to love no longer appealed to me. I took a pregnancy test and my worst fears were confirmed. I was pregnant.

My grandmother was not happy about the pregnancy or the attention I was receiving for accusing Cody and his family for rape. 

“I hate what you have been through, and what you are going through baby. I just want to make sure you really know what you are getting into now. You are pregnant and don’t know who the baby’s father is you are a statistic” my grandmother said concerned.

“Grandma I was raped” I said on the verge of tears.

“I understand that baby and rape is awful. No one should have to deal with the trauma of being raped. However baby is it worth it? Those boys understand what they did was wrong. When I was coming up everyone used to say good girls don’t come out after 10pm. Baby you went to a house with a strange boy and his cousins” my grandmother said.

“Grandma I was raped” is all I could say. I couldn’t believe my grandmother was on Cody’s side. I couldn’t believe as a woman she could say the things she was saying to me her only granddaughter. 

“You were raped, and they should be punished. Those boys’ lives are over before they even started. They know what they did was wrong. However, baby never bring the system into your house or your personal business. Especially a system that was not designed to help black people. Baby the system is in place to hurt us not help us. Those boys will be in jail working like slaves. Is that what you want baby? Do you want your baby’s father to be in jail? Or do you want you baby’s cousin, uncles or other male figures behind bars? That baby needs a father and a support system. 

 I was a black girl brutally raped by 6 black males, and the world looked at me as a sell out for reporting the rape. Cody raped me, but I was wrong because he lost his basketball scholarship. I didn’t want to live anymore, and I did not want to bring a child into a world that was so cruel.

End of part 2….Stay tuned for part 3

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3 thoughts on “Violated Part 2

  1. The grandmother tripping

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  2. Smh the grandma beef to wake the heck that’s messed up wat happen to her

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    1. It’s so sad because people like the grandma exist in real life


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