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Her Story Part 4

Three is Company

After dating Derrick and his wife for about three months I realized that being apart of a three-way relationship was only fun on television. I didn’t even like Sharell Derrick’s wife. Physically I was not attracted to her, and sexually I was not compatible with her. My body craved Derrick.

Even though I was not sexually attracted to Sharell I enjoyed the way she tried to please me. During sex Sharell always tried to outperform her husband to please me. Derrick and Sharell battled to see who could get me to reach my orgasm first.

While Derrick licked every drop of my juices she would get jealous and tag team my love box. Both their Tongues twisting around and battling to apply the right amount of pressure and spit to my clitoris would drive me crazy. I could reach many orgasms just from the fighting to suck my soul through my box. I would lay on my back while Derrick performed missionary hitting every spot with his curve. Sharrell would massage my breast squeezing and sucking my nipples until I came all over her husband’s still erect penis.

My favorite position would be me on all fours sucking Derrick off while Sharrell ate my bottom. She ate the groceries like food from the fresh market. I could see why Derrick married her she was a stone-cold freak. However, she was no me. Derrick focused all his attention on me during the lovemaking. He barely touched her or acknowledged her.

After lovemaking Derrick, Sharrell and I would lay in bed. Of course, I wanted to sleep next to Derrick, but Sharrell would insist that I laid in the middle. She was wanted to cuddle with me more than Derrick did. It was weird to me that she wanted to hold me. There I laid in the middle of the husband and wife like their prized possession. I can’t lie them fighting over me made me feel like a queen bee.

There was also a power struggle between Sharrell and myself. She felt like she allowed me to be apart of her marriage. She felt like she was the queen and I needed to respect her as such. I needed to find a way to let her know that I wasn’t number two. She needed to know that I allowed her to keep her husband and at anytime I could take him away. She was lucky I let her keep her husband. He loved me he just happened to meet her first and marry her. However, he loved me.

It seemed as much sex as I gave Derrick he still wasn’t satisfied. Once during a solo session with just Derrick and myself, he asked me to strap up and penetrate him from the back. I was shocked and denied his request. No man in my lifetime has ever asked me to do something so strange. Derrick advised me that a man’s G spot was in his anus. Then Derrick advised me that his wife always obliged him with all his sexual requests. I didn’t care what his wife would do I wasn’t doing that.

Then Derrick’s wife found out that he was cheating on both of us. She went through his phone one day and saw that he was texting another female. I could not believe Derrick. He was having his cake and eating it too and still, he was not satisfied. After being confronted with the evidence of his cheating Derrick informed us that he broke off his extra-marital affair. I don’t know why but I forgive Derrick.

Derrick was the person that I could share l my secrets with. I called him when I was happy or when I was sad. He held me when I wept because I missed my mother. Derrick made me feel beautiful. He never let me forget how beautiful I was even when I felt and looked a hot mess.

Derrick was also great with children. If I needed him to he would pick them up from school and stay with them until I got off work. If I needed him to fix my car he was there. I loved Derrick. Sharrell was cool but I didn’t love her. I just had to deal with her to keep Derrick happy. He wanted his women to get along. He never referred to us as his girls or his bitches because he had so much respect for us.

I couldn’t get mad about Derrick cheating because I also had another relationship. I started casually dating a 21 year old female. Derrick had his secrets and so did I. Sharrell wasn’t my type but Angel was and Angel was so talented.

Angel was a boyish lesbian who referred to herself as a male although at 21 she had already given birth to 3 kids. Angel’s kids we’re being raised by their father. She refused to deal with her kids until they referred to her as ”dad”.

8 months into living my alternative lifestyle I had my first herpes outbreak. I was devasted….
Part 5 coming soon


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