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Her Story Part 5

Her Story Part 5 The End

Hilton or 4 Seasons

Tears rolled down my eyes as I laid in the middle of Derrick and Sharell. I was crying because I just found out I now had herpes. My first herpes outbreak was extremely painful I held my urine for as long as I possibly could because it hurt to urinate. The pain was so bad it hurt to walk. I felt so many negative hurtful feelings towards myself.

Derrick and his wife had herpes as well, but they never told me. The reason they never told me was because they didn’t know until right before I had my first outbreak. Since we all found out we had herpes around the same time it was hard to point the finger at anyone. I was still messing with my son’s father when I started sleeping with Derrick. I caught my son’s father cheating three times so I have no idea how many women he slept with or if he used protection.

Then there was Derrick who I knew for a fact was a married man, but I didn’t know who his wife was sleeping with behind his back. However, I didn’t think Sharell was smart enough to cheat on Derrick. He had her wrapped around his perfectly curved manhood she was too whipped to cheat. Derrick on the other hand who knew how many other women he cheat on me with? How many men? I have to be honest ever since Derrick asked me to penetrate him from the back with a 10 inch strap I secretly questioned his sexuality. Derrick may have also been sleeping with men unprotected as well so there was no real well to say who gave who herpes.

While laying in the bed with Sharell and Darrick I began to feel nauseous. Derrick told us all that we should look at this new found diagnosis as a blessing not a curse. He said all three of us would be bonded for life. That fool was out of his mind that night I left their house and never came back. I needed to clear my mind, body, and soul.

Three Months Later

I was doing so well ignoring Derrick and his wife Sharell. Sharell kept texting novel messages to me that she would always love me whether Derrick was in the picture or not. I had to block her. Derrick on the other side was so persistent. I blocked his phone number, email, IG etc and he would cash app 60 dollars. I wasn’t about to turn down money so I unblocked Derrick.

Derrick form a bond with my youngest son. My son kept asking me to allow him to see Derrick’s grandchildren. I caved in and brought my son to Derrick’s home. Sharell opened the door smiling happy to see me. My son ran up to Derrick grandson’s room.

“Come downstairs and talk to us please” Sharell said

I agreed to go downstairs. When I got downstairs Derrick had his feet kicked up in his man chair. Derrick got up from the chair and pushed me against the wall. As my head hit the wall Derrick began to choke me and look into my eyes.

“You done with the family now” he asked as he bit his lip still chocking me.

“No I said” as the juices ran down my leg. Derrick instructed his wife to undress me.

As soon as my pants were off Derrick started preforming oral sex on me. My legs began to shake every time is tongue stroked me clitoris. Derricks just rubbed his whole face in my vagina causing me to orgasm multiple times I lost count.

Derrick started stroking me from the back and it felt so good I began to cry.

“Eat her pussy” Derrick said to me. He never was forceful or never made me do anything with his wife so I was shocked. “Do it for daddy baby” he said.

Sharell was standing up in the front of her bed appearing to now just be wearing a robe which she instantly dropped. I can’t lie I was so turned on.

I walked over to her and got down on both my needs and starting eating her pussy. She forcefully held the back of my head to let me know how she liked it. I licked and slurped all her natural juices. She thought she was in control but when I slurped on her pussy just right and squeezed her nipples she came. Her own husband couldn’t please her like I did.

She went to the bed and laid rubbing on her swollen clit and nipples. Derrick when to the room. I couldn’t believe he was leaving my pussy for his wife.

When I entered the room Derrick had his wife bent over and was stroking her so hard sweat was running down his face. I climbed in the bed opening my legs to allow Sharell to eat my pussy while her husband fucked her. I hated the way he moaned and called her baby when we was entering her. He enjoyed making love to his wife. He loved his wife.

Two Weeks Later

Derrick got us a nice room at the Hilton Suites. The hotel was a decent hotel with an indoor pool and sauna so that was nice. I was sitting in a beach chair reading. Derrick asked me to get in but I declined. He wife on the other had jumped in the pool with him. Those two lovebirds were kissing holding hands and connecting souls. I couldn’t take that sight anymore so I left and went back to the room.

30 minutes later Derrick and his wife came to the room and asked me why I left. I told them I needed a bathroom break any lie would do. I wasn’t going to admit my jealousy.

Once I came out the bathroom I pulled myself together. I felt like a crazy person crying over a man loving his wife. My emotions were everywhere. I sat on the bed and reminded everyone about the couple’s trip I planned for the three of us to Houston. I planned the trips four months ago. Sharell stated there was a mix up at work and her time off was declined.

Sharell and Derrick live together and are married. However we made an agreement. We agreed that if anyone one couldn’t make a trip the other two people would go. However Derrick stated he wasn’t going to go because he didn’t want to hear his wife’s mouth.

That was the last straw for me. He cared so much about her feelings what about mine? I took my son and I left. First off you not going to play me in the Hilton. I rather not cry anywhere but I’d cry in the 4 seasons before the Hilton.


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