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Her Story Finale

She’s Done

Her Story the Finale

When I was 16 I fell in love with a 20 year old drug dealer named Oryginel. He was the best guy I’ve ever dated. I didn’t have to ask him for anything he always gave me everything I wanted or needed. Two months into talking I called Oryginel because I wanted him to pick me up from my friend’s house. I never drove Oryginel or one of his friends took me everywhere. A girl answered the phone and informed me that she was Oryginel’s girlfriend and how and what she would do to me if I didn’t stop messing with her boyfriend. We cussed each other out androgen I hung up and told myself I would never deal with Oryginel ever again.

The very next day Oryginel called my phone and told me that his sister was doing a prank and she pretended to be his girlfriend the night before and I had no reason to worry. He said he was single and only talking to me. He said that I was the only girl he wanted to be with. I didn’t believe a word he was saying I knew that girl wasn’t his damn sister. I knew he was lying through his teeth. I didn’t argue I just left him alone until I remember I was a broke teenager and Oryginel funded my life. I then forgave him.

After six months of dating I became Oryginel’s girlfriend. The relationship became official once I turned 17. I told Oryginel that if he wanted to talk to me he would have to call me. The day after “his sister” called my phone I vowed to never call him first again and I never did.

After dating for 8 months Oryginel confessed his love for me. Shortly after he told me he loved me he never stopped telling me he loved me.

Nine months after I met Oryginel we had sex for the first time and I initiated it. That’s why I loved Oryginel he wasn’t thirsty like other guys. We talked for hours he never mentioned sex. That turned me on and made me love him unconditionally. He didn’t force me or beg me he let me come to him. I loved Oryginel with all my heart. After what seemed like endless sex Oryginel looked me in the eyes and confessed to me that the girl who answered his phone was his ex-girlfriend but they were done for good. He apologized for lying to me to me. He said loved me and would never lie to me ever again. I believed him. I don’t know if it was because I was young and dumb or because I felt like he was being honesty. I was his only girl and he loved me.

“I don’t want you to lie to me about anything else. Tell me the truth let me process whatever you tell me and we can move on from there. Lie to me and it’s over” I said.

“So you don’t care if I cheat as long as you know about if first” he said.

“Don’t let nobody feel like they can hold something over my head. I want to know from you first” I said.

“I may even want to join” I said before he responded.

I made rules with Oryginel and he followed the rules. I dated Oryginel from the time I was 16 until I turned 23 and never dealt with cheating. When had our threesomes and a few other women but I knew about everything. Like I said in the beginning Oryginel took care of me.  I didn’t care about that man getting pussy. I started my own businesses. I never had to work. I knew about the nothing ass bitches, but I cared nothing about them. 

Right before I turned 24 Oryginel got locked up and sentenced to 25 years to life. They say it was first degree murder but I never seen him kill anyone. The Oryginel I feel in love with was a pleaser provider and protector not a murder. 

After seven years of being in a relationship I found myself single for the first time in my adult life. Oryginel was my first everything and I didn’t know how to be single. However I wouldn’t be single long before I met Derrick.

Derrick hustled and cut hair out his basement but he was no Oryginel. He would help me when I asked but I rarely asked him for anything because I didn’t feel the need to do so. After dating Oryginel for so long I expected all men to be pleasers, providers, and protectors. Derrick tired but he wasn’t a provider like Oryginel so I worked too.

However Derrick accepted my condition I contracted herpes when I was 17 from Oryginel. When I told Derrick about my condition he cried and held me, but he accepted me. That made me love him unconditionally .

After three years of dating Derrick bought his own barbershop and started bring in a lot of legitimate money. I still worked because I enjoyed my independence. Once Derrick bought the barbershop we got married and I gave birth to our first son Emanuel.

When Emanuel turned one I noticed a difference in Derrick he started staying out more. He told me he was moving a lot more product and the barbershop was booming so he was stressed. He had a lot on his plate and I was pregnant and with another boy Jasper.

After I gave birth to Jasper Derrick sat me down and told me he was jammed up. He told me that he cheated and his side chick was pregnant. He also told me that the feds were closing in on his operation and that he might go away. I wanted to end it with Derrick then but I couldn’t I knew he needed me now more than ever.

After the baby momma gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she ingested too many drugs and overdosed. So I raised Derricks outside daughter Jazelle as my own. Derrick was sentenced to three years for what they said was Possession with the intent to distribute narcotics. I never seen him disrupt narcotics.

While Derrick was over the jail I heard rumors about him having boyfriends. I knew with Derrick’s sex drive there was no way that he was going to go three years no conjugal visit and stay faithful. To my surprise Derrick never lied about his affairs while locked up. He told me, and I accepted the fact that he was bisexual. Any man who does more than a few months over the jail has slept with a man. I’m not doubtful nor am I delusional like some women. As long as you are honest with me I’ll ride or die.

Once Derrick came home I had the same talk with him that I had with Oryginel. I told him that if he wanted to step out he needed to be honest with me and follow rules. I told him that if cheated he could cheat as long as I knew about the person. I told Derrick that if he slept with the same person for over a year he needed to bring that person into our family, and that is what he did. I told Derrick that if I found out he lied about anything it was over.

Derrick and I have been married almost 30 years. Over the years there have been men on and off that Derrick has had flings with or causal encounters. I knew about them all. To be honest I loved when Derrick brought a man home. I loved watching men penetrate my man from the back as he ate my cookie til it crumbled. I loved Derrick laying on his back while another man sucked his 8 inches curved dick while I sat on his face. They would take turns pleasing each other all the while making sure I reached my orgasm.

Of course there has been other women as well. Most of them are just casual and don’t make it to the year mark so I’m not introduced to them directly, but I know of them. I also know our bank account information, credit card number etc and I know he isn’t spending no real money on these miscellaneous flings. If these cheap low self-esteem females are good with under 100 dollars and a night at the Sheraton then so be it. In most cases $100, dick, and a night at a 3 star hotel is all these females are worth. I am a queen and I have always been treated as such. These men aren’t lying to me they aren’t lying to these women. Most women are just lonely, desperate or like I said low self-esteem.

During our 30 year marriage there has been 8 women that Derrick has introduced me to. All of them have been beautiful, all have them have been well proportioned, and usually they work minimal jobs. The point is none of them have been special. I have and will always remain the queen number one. I still and always will be the wife.

Sadly all 8 women fall off once they realize that they have never and will never play a real part in Derrick’s or my life. Never ever.

I like threesomes I like watching my man with different people. I am a real freak. I strap up and penetrate my husband from the back and I love doing it. I love watching my man getting his dick sucked while I eat ass from the back. That’s our marriage.

No one will ever take my husband from me. I am a real wife, and I will be until death do us part. Period.

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