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Single Black Female

Warning Reader Discretion is advised! Graphic Sexual Content and Language! 💚

Single Black Female Part 2

My Little Secret 

Everyday Anthony would pick me up in the morning and drop my son off to the babysitter. Then Anthony would drop me off downtown to work and he would go off and do his thing. I worked 8am-4:30 pm and everyday like clockwork around 4:15 Anthony would text me and tell me he was outside and waiting. Then he would take me to pick my son up and then take me home. Sometimes Anthony would come inside, but most days he would leave back out to finish his business or hang with his friends. Then later in the evening Anthony would come back to my grandmother’s house once everyone was sleep.

One night Anthony and I had sex on my grandmother’s cousin. He ate the soul out of my pussy. I tried to hold in my moans but I couldn’t because Anthony was licking on my clit perfectly applying the correct amount of pressure to drive me crazy with his tongue.

“Damn I hope my grandmother doesn’t wake up or my son” I thought as I let out a quite moan.  Once I came enough from the head I got up and tried to suck the soul out of Anthony through dick. I sucked the balls, and I deep throated the dick until I almost gagged. Anthony just moaned and watched me as I went to work. I could feel he was ready to explode.

“Cum on my breast” I said as I pulled down my undershirt and continued to suck his dick with no hands.  I wanted him to see my plum round soft DD titties. I wanted to see his cum all of my titties. I took one of my free hands to play with his balls some more. His balls felt so heavy I knew they needed to be emptied. Within seconds Anthony came all over my titties. My body craved his 9 inch sword more than ever at that moment.

I licked some of the cum off my nipple. I don’t know what it was, but Anthony tasted like Godiva chocolate. He cum tasted like all her ate was pineapples and pear sweet to the taste, but not diabetes sweet.

“Bend over Anthony demanded. I bent over like he asked and he slapped my butt just before he entered me from the back. Damn is all I thought as I felt every inch of his dick. Anthony reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair.

“This the best dick you ever had in your life” he asked.

“Yes daddy” I barely mumble out. Anthony’s dick was taking my breath away. He smack my ass again causing me to lose control and come all over his dick. Just as I came he pulled out and came all over my back. I was covered in Anthony and I loved every minute of it. Anthony went into the kitchen and brought back some wet wipes. He wiped me off and when he finished he looked me dead in my eyes and kissed me.

The sex became a daily event. I couldn’t believe how often or how late Anthony was staying out, and couldn’t help but wonder what his roommate girlfriend thought he was doing all day and all night. Anthony never left my house before 3am.

“She gotta be cheating too, or she just dumb” I thought about his girlfriend. It is no way break or not I would allow my boyfriend to be gone 20 hours out of 24. No sir you’re not going to feed me bullshit no one works that much.

Due to the fact Anthony was taking me everywhere and helping me a lot I was able to save enough money up for a security deposit and first month rent to secure an apartment not far from my grandmother. The day I got approved for the apartment and provided my movie in date I couldn’t wait to tell Anthony. We no longer needed to make love on couches and in living rooms.

However Anthony started acting strange the day I wanted to tell him the good news. He barely texted me all day, and then at 3pm he texted me and asked me to get an Uber home. He said he was caught up doing business and couldn’t make it to pick me up. I got the Uber and picked my son up then went home. Once I got home I needed to grab some wipes for my son from the store. My neighbor and also my friend stated he would drive me. On our way to the store I saw Anthony and a woman, and a baby driving.

“Follow that car” I said advising my friend to follow Anthony.

“Girl you is crazy” is all my friend said as we followed Anthony’s car. We followed Anthony and his family into an apartment complex and watched them walk into the building.

“Go in and act like you visiting someone, but went into the wrong building” I instructed my friend. He did just that, and then came back and provided me with Anthony’s unit information. I never told Anthony that I followed him that day or that I knew where he lived. That was my little secret.

Later on that night Anthony came over like every other night however he looked extremely sad.

“She put me out” he said.

“OMG what an awesome God we serve” I thought to myself. Then I told Anthony about me getting the apartment. I showed him all my boxes that I packed. I also told him that I need to have someone pick up my furniture because I was not going to pay for shipping.

“Ok I’ll drop you off to work tomorrow and Edward and I will get you moved into the apartment” Anthony said. Literally I did not have to lift a box Anthony moved me into my apartment without a breeze. I left my grandmother’s and moved into a completely decorated apartment.

When I came home to my apartment being completely moved in I want to fuck Anthony on sight, but I couldn’t because my son was awake. Once my son fell asleep I went to take a shower. Anthony came into the shower butt naked dick long and hard. I washed him up playing special attention to his balls and dick. Then I turned around and asked him to wash my back.

Anthony washed my back and then he rinsed off the soap. Once the soap was completely gone from my back Anthony began to kiss my neck slowly from the back. Then he began to kiss my back. The feeling out him kissing my back made me moan loudly. Then Anthony grabbed me closer and kissed my neck again holding me closely with one arm. I could feel his rock hard penis against my butt. The shower was still running but I could feel my juices run down my leg. Anthony then turned me around and began to kiss me, and the he chocked me and looked me in my eyes. I came within seconds. I felt obligated to orally please Anthony so I dropped to my knees and went to work. I was trying to make a baby with my mouth at that moment. “Damn that shit feel so good” he moaned. Hearing the pleasure in his voice made me work even harder. I felt like Anthony was about to come and I didn’t want him to not yet. I stopped sucking and got up and turned my butt towards Anthony. I put my hands on the wall to brace myself and help Anthony entered me from the back. The love we made in the shower that night was mind blowing.

A few days later after Anthony picked me up from work he advised me that he and Edward were going to their mutual friend’s Jerome’s house to chill out. I was fine with that and went in my apartment with my son. Shortly after my best friend Jasmine called me. She told me that she was bored because he boyfriend was working a double.

“Girl he ain’t working no double Anthony said they were going to Jerome’s house to play the game” I said.

“Are you sure because he texted me and said he had to work” Jasmine said.

“O well I don’t know maybe Anthony just thought Edward was going to be there” I said realizing I just blew her boyfriend’s cover.

“Let me call you right back” Jasmine said.

At that very moment I knew I messed up and said something I wasn’t supposed to say. One of the things I liked about Anthony was he was honest about his whereabouts with me. He would text me and tell me when was at work or tell me when he was getting off, or just tell me his location. So I knew that Anthony was really at Jerome’s house with my friend’s boyfriend I just didn’t know why my friend’s boyfriend lied.

My friend called me back 5 minutes later. She said she talked to her boyfriend and he was over Jerome’s house. She said her boyfriend’s job cancelled his overtime and he forget to tell her. I was pleased that her boyfriend cleaned up his story.

However then Anthony called me enraged.

“I don’t know what type of corny lame ass men you used to dealing with, but don’t repeat anything I tell you” Anthony yelled clearly upset. I hung up.

“I don’t know why you are upset, but I’m not dealing with no man who yells at me like that” I texted him.

“Yo don’t act dumb you know exactly wtf I’m talking about. I’m supposed to be your man you don’t do no shit like that” he responded.

“You couldn’t messed up their relationship being messy” he texted again before I could respond.

“This shit is fucking crazy yo I can’t believe you really did that shit” he sent before I could respond to the first two messages.  

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that” I said feeling bad.

“We can talk about it when I get home” he responded.

“Don’t come here if you still got that attitude.  I will not let you talk to me like that in my apartment in my face” I wrote back.

“Ok yo” is all he responded. He didn’t come home that night. The next morning I woke up in shock. I couldn’t believe Anthony talked me so crazy the night before, and he didn’t come home.

I called my friend and she picked my son up and dropped him to the babysitter. I caught the bus to work that day. Around 7:30 Anthony texted me “I’m outside”. I didn’t respond so he called me. I let him know I caught the bus to work. “Ok” was all he said before hanging up the phone.

The whole day at work I was upset thinking about what happened the following night. A part of me was hurt, but a part of me was glad Anthony still was going to take me to work. He still was going to look out for me even though he was clearly angry. I really liked Anthony.

One of my friends at the company I worked for was an openly gay male everyone called Mai Tai. Mai Tai was married to a man, and very messy. I like him though and every morning Mai Tai and I would have our “girl talk”. I told him about happened the night before with Anthony.

“You in a tight spot dating your homegirl boyfriend’s best friend. You have to choose wisely who you give your loyalty too. Say you find out your friends boyfriend is cheating would you tell her” Mai Tai asked.

“Hell yea that’s sis I couldn’t keep that a secret. She would do the same for me. That’s sis” I said again so that he knew how serious I would.

“Girl don’t be dumb. You can’t say what another female would do. A friend will turn to a foe real quickly over a man” Mai Tai said.

He was right, but I still was riding for my friend. I looked up the bus schedule determined to figure out how to get home without Anthony. However at 4:15 Anthony texted me and told me he was outside waiting for me.

“Damn he came and got that ass” Mai Tai joked when I told him Anthony was outside waiting.

The whole ride to pick up my son Anthony and I didn’t say a word to each other. Once we got home I saw that Anthony took out the trash for me, and put the microwave up for me. It was like I was so mad that he talked to me so crazy and stayed out the whole night but I really liked him.  We augured about the situation, and agreed to disagree. Anthony however apologized for how he spoke to me the night before, and I began to cry.

“Don’t cry yo” he said as he wiped my tears away. I don’t know why I was crying because I told myself that if the situation happened again I would carry it the same way.

One morning Anthony was dropping me off to work as usual, but I could sense his aggravation. 

“What’s wrong babe” I said as we pulled up outside of my job. 

“Nothing I’m trying to get over the fact you’re wearing this tight ass skirt to work. Who you trying to impress. Don’t make me have to come in there” he said clearly annoyed.

“There are only two men that I work with. One is white and one is a homosexual. Neither one of them want me” I said joking. 

“I don’t care nothing about that gay shit. Men like women and that’s what it is. Men are made to like pussy I don’t want to hear that gay shit” he said. 

“You’re ignorant, but I only want you” I said as kissed him. He kissed me back and I got out the car. I could still see Anthony was upset up my skirt but I eased his mind enough. That’s what I liked about him he was aggressive, but he wasn’t possessive. Anthony wasn’t abusive. 

After we lived together for a month or so Anthony told me he was going to Oakland to go to a free course to get his CDL and become a truck driver. He told me that he was scheduled to leave in 2 weeks. My heart broke because I couldn’t imagine not being with Anthony every day. Anthony was the only guy I wanted to be with. He could make me feel so calm and around him I wasn’t my normal anxiety riddle self. Anthony was my peace. I finally found a man to be my peace and now he was leaving.

Don’t worry I am coming back. I am only going to be gone for 6 weeks, and then I’ll be back home. I didn’t want Anthony to leave, but I knew he needed to earn more legit money.

“As soon as I start making money you can have it” Anthony said to me as he looked me in the eyes. I knew he wasn’t joking Anthony was a provider. He fixed everything around the house, he gave me mind-blowing sex and took me where I needed to go. If Anthony wasn’t anything he was a decent man.

The night before Anthony was supposed to leave for Oakland my friend came over and we drank a fifth of crown apple. Once Anthony came home I was wasted and he went straight to the room. Soon after he arrived me friend left to give Anthony and I alone time.

I went to the bed, and when I woke up it was morning and I was naked in Anthony’s arms. That’s another thing I liked about Anthony. He would hold me all night in the position that we fell asleep in the night before, and he was the only guy who ever did that. Anthony made me feel safe and secure with him. He made me feel like he would never hurt me, but he would go against the world for me. Security with a man is something I never felt before, and I craved it from Anthony.

Once Anthony woke up he looked at me. “We didn’t have sex last night. You took your close off and feel asleep butt naked. I just held you” he said.

“I’m so sorry babe let’s do a quickie, or I’ll suck your dick”.

“That’s cool shordy I have to make a few stops, but I’ll be back before I leave” Anthony said.

Anthony was gone for hours. When he came back he said he was running behind and needed to grab a few things. He kissed me goodbye and said he would be back. Then he handed me my key. I didn’t know how to feel about Anthony giving me his key back, and Anthony saw that in my face.

“I’m coming back Maya just hold it for me” he said as he kissed me then he left out the door.

End of part 2

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