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Single Black Female

The Hood Prince Charming

Warning Graphic Language and Sexual Content. Reader discretions advised‼️

I sat alone at a table in the hot steamy dark musty hood club S&S club watching everyone’s bags and purses. I hate clubs especially dark hood musty clubs, but I was there to celebrate my best friend’s birthday party. She was on the dance floor twerking and sweating with her other friends, but that’s not my style. I am the weird homebody friend that hates leaving my house. I came to the club that night with my friend Jasmine, her boyfriend Edward, Edward’s best friend Anthony.
“Well if I am going to be here I might as well have a drink” I thought to myself as I flagged down a waitress to order my first patron margarita. I’m not even going to lie after 3 drinks I knew I was wasted.
“Damn you sexy shordy” a local hood guy said as he approached me. I looked at him, and if my eyes could talk they would’ve said “don’t come over here with your corny lines unless you buying the next round”. He read my look correctly and ordered me a bottle of Ciroc, and a round of patron shots. Once he ordered the drinks he left.
My friends came back to the table and we all drank the free liquor. Jasmine and her boyfriend then left the table and went back to the dance floor. Anthony stayed but he didn’t talk to me and I didn’t talk to him, because I really didn’t know him. I pulled out my phone to take a basic chick selfie with the bottle, but I couldn’t get the angle right. Anthony volunteered to take the photo for me. He took the photo, and as soon as he was giving the phone back to me a text came in from a guy that I was causally talking to at the time.
“Is yo your boyfriend” Anthony said.
“No mind your business” I responded. I was annoyed, drinking my 5 patron margarita, and suddenly intrigued by Anthony. I liked that he was aggressive, but not possessive. I also liked that he causally shrugged off my rudeness and didn’t let it phase him at all. Anthony was tall like 6’4, dark skinned like midnight black, and he had long locs all the way down his back. Totally not my type at all.
I finished off the shots before the club closed. Once the club closed everybody raced towards the door. I wanted to race to the door as well, but there was way too many people and I knew if I tried to enter that crowd I would have a panic attack. Anthony waited with me until the majority of the people left out the club. Then we got up to walk out the door. Anthony walked behind me and kept his arm around my waist, because he could tell that I was not only drunk, but extremely uncomfortable. In that moment Anthony made me feel extremely calm and protected. Maybe it was the alcohol, but once we got out the club I kissed him in the street. Stuck my tongue right down his throat. He kissed me back and held me so closely.
Right after our kiss I realized I had to pee bad, and I couldn’t hold it. Due to the fact that everyone was drinking Anthony and my friend’s boyfriend agreed to let the men drive. Anthony drove myself, and my friend home, and my friend’s boyfriend took everyone else home. However before we could get home I had to pee.
“I can’t hold it. I don’t want to pee in the car” I said
“Shordy we almost home can you hold it” Anthony said.
“No I have to pee” I yelled.
Anthony pulled over and I went to the bathroom behind some random person’s bush. I was wearing a romper so I had to completely undress. Anthony stood outside with me the entire time trying his best to cover me. After I went to the bathroom Anthony zipped me back up, and I was so drunk I fell right into him. He caught me and carried me to the car.
I really don’t remember what happened next. I know Anthony dropped off my friend, and the next thing I remember I woke up in his car outside of my house and it was 7:45am. I looked over at Anthony who was asleep and I woke him up. I realized that I was still drunk, but I was fully clothed Anthony didn’t touch me.
“I tried to wake you up to take you in the house, but you refused and cussed me out. You said you were too drunk to go in the house and your son and grandmother were home. So I let you sleep” Anthony said.
“Come in the house stay with me. Don’t leave me” I said as I held onto him.
“No yo I can’t right now not like this. Go in the house go to sleep. I’ll see you later” Anthony said. Then he walked me to the door made sure I got in the house before he pulled off.
Later in the day when I finally woke up around 4pm I called my friend to see what happened last night. I was still foggy, and smitten with Anthony.
“I like Anthony. He sat in that car with me all night last night and never touched me. He is like a ratchet prince charming and I like that” I said jokingly.
“Ant Mo is a good dude forreal, but I think he has a girlfriend”.
“You think he has a girlfriend. Why did you tell me that of course he does” I said.
“But you was all over him last night. Y’all clearly had a connection ask him before you jump to conclusions. The relationship can’t be solid because Anthony was just sleeping with the neighbor across the street”.
I hung up with her annoyed thinking to myself of course he’s in a relationship, and a cheater I sure know how to pick them.
I didn’t see Anthony again until the following weekend at my friend’s house.
“Talk to me outside” he said. I followed him outside.
“Can I have a kiss” he said once we were outside.
“Kiss your girlfriend” I said. His eyes got big he wasn’t expecting me to say that.
“It’s complicated. We’ve been together for 8 years. Her son is my son I raised him his whole life. I’m just not happy and I haven’t been for a long time” he said.
“Its not complicated do you live with her” I said irate.
“Yea, but I’m never there” he said
“Right because you too busy fucking the neighbor and whoever else” I said angrily . I don’t know why I was so mad. He was being honest, but he was just telling me something I didn’t want to hear. I liked Anthony.
“I’m not going to lie to you about anything. Yes I still leave there, but no we aren’t in a relationship. I like you and I want to get to know you more. Can you let me get to know you” he said.
“So is you fucking the neighbor or naw” I said.
“No. Just once or twice. A couple times, but that’s not serious. It’s done” he said.
I laughed but his eyes let me know he wasn’t lying. At least I hoped he wasn’t lying because I liked him so much. I liked how he carried himself, his honesty, his swag I liked him I was hooked.
“Can I have a kiss” he asked again.
We kissed and I felt like it wasn’t the alcohol I really liked kissing Anthony. I hadn’t had sex in over a year at that point. After I found out I was pregnant with my son I took a vow of abstinence. I needed to cleanse my body and zen my soul. I met my son’s father in 2012, and he was the only person I slept with for years. My son’s father and I broke up in May of 2014, and I gave birth to my son in December 2014. It was now December 30 2015, and I was hot and ready like a Little Caesars pizza.
New Year’s Eve my friend through a party, and once again everyone was at her house. Everyone was drinking and eating. I remember watching the ball drop, and then waking up at 2am sleep on my friend’s lap.
When I woke up my friend and her boyfriend went back to their room leaving Anthony and I alone in the living room.
“You want me to take you home or do you want to stay here with me” he said.
“Stay where on the couch” I mumbled. However I never moved closer to the door. I didn’t want to go home.
Needless to say I didn’t go home and Anthony made a palate on the floor. Hood guys can make something out of nothing because it felt like I was laying on air and not the floor.
Anthony started kissing me. Shortly after he started kissing me he went to take my panties off. I hesitated because it had been so long since I had sex.
“Calm down shorty. I got you” Anthony looked me dead in my eyes. I just shook my head ok, and Anthony went to work licking and sucking all my juices. I could feel my clit throbbing against his tongue. He ate my whole love box as my body cried out for his tongue. Until that moment I had never felt anything like that before in my life. I came so hard on Anthony’s face so many times I lost count. He would reach up and grab my breast, and play with my nipples. I could feel his hands grab my hips to bring my clit closer to his face. I felt myself release hard all over his face. I couldn’t take it anymore because I never felt like that in my life. I reached down and tried to push him away. I was moaning so loudly I knew my friend could hear me. Anthony took my hand and held it as he continued to eat me out. While he was holding my hand I felt so connected to him. When he finally came up for air all I could see was my juices running down his face. My cum dripping from his dark chocolate face is a sight that I can’t even put into words. I came again just looking at my juices dripping down his chin. He got onto of me and started kissing me again, before he quickly slipped on the magnum condom.
As soon as he started to penetrate me he just looked me in my eyes “I got you” he said again. I opened up and let him in “What the fuck” is all I could mumble. Anthony was at least 9 inches and thick I never had dick like that before in my whole life. I felt like I was losing my virginity or something. All I remember thinking is “well if this is sex I have never had sex until now”. I felt dick in places I never felt dick before, and it was an explosive feeling.
“Bend over” he Anthony said. I bent over arched my back and looked back at him letting him know I was ready. He entered me from the back and all I could do was moan out in pure ecstasy. Anthony was doing things to my body that I had been craving for years to have done, and I didn’t even know I was craving them. Round one lasted for what seemed like hours. However there would be several more rounds. Anthony’s stamina was unmatchable. One night and I was hooked I was the definition of dickmatized.
The last round I saw the sun and looked over at the clock and saw it was 7:15am. I could not believe I had sex with that man for hours and was still craving his 9 inch. I was craving his touch no one has every touched me like that. I was craving his taste he tasted like the sweetest chocolate. I tried to suck the skin off his dick that night. Finally after Anthony sucked and fucked my soul from my body I couldn’t take anymore I just tapped out. I laid down and he laid beside me and held me the whole rest of the morning. I feel asleep and didn’t wake back up until 2Pm in the afternoon.
I heard Anthony on the phone. I heard the girl yelling clearly upset. Anthony got up and stood by the door. I pretended to still be sleep.
“If you don’t want to come home just say that and leave. I been up all night waiting for you” she said. I could hear the hurt in her voice she really loved Anthony.
“No it’s not like that I fell asleep. We were drinking” he said. She yelled some more he smoothed talked her and she hung up.
Once he hang up the phone I sat on the couch and looked at him. He looked at me like a sad kid who just got caught.
“I live there” he said.
“I know take me home” I said.
He drove me home and told me he would be back to pick me up for work the next morning around 7am.

End of part One…


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