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Single Black Female

Single Black Female… Good Girl Gone

Warning Reader Discretion is Advised. Graphic language and sex scenes

Once Anthony left for school I was all alone. Anthony was so convenient and helped me so much in life I had no idea how much I depended on him for everything even little things. I didn’t want to take the trash out, and I got so used to him driving me everywhere I forgot what it was like to catch the bus, and how expensive Uber really was. However Anthony and I texted all the time and he called me every night and told me how much he missed me and couldn’t want to come home.

Mai Tai my office bestie was very supportive as I cried to him about missing Anthony. “Girl you ain’t no cheap ass bitch he needs to be where he is to provide for your expensive ass” Mai Tai joked. 

Two week went pass and Anthony was still in Oakland. He told me that he passed his CDL permit test on the first time and he would be home soon. I was proud of him, and as much as I missed him I knew he was where he needed to be. 

Three days after Anthony told me he passed his permit test my friend Jasmine called me with major tea. 

“You talked to Ant Mo” she asked. 

“Girl what’s up you know we talk everyday” I answered. I knew what she was about to tell me. 

“Girl Anthony is for the streets. I went through Edward’s phone last night to see what he was doing and I read his messages between Anthony. Girl Anthony been talking to his girlfriend real heavy and he is supposed to be going back home to her” my friend said and then she took a long pause. 

“Girl please keep shit all the way 1,000 with me. I knew it was a reason yo gave the key back I’m not dumb” I said.

“Ant Mo is also fucking half of Oakland. He was talking about some old white woman he has been sleeping with. A young white red head. Some really thick girl with a horrible blonde weave. Girl he don’t have no type he is for the streets. Ant Mo fucking everybody. All he does is text Edward and brag about all the pussy he is receiving” she said. 

“Thank sis I’ll call you back” I said.

“Maya I know you don’t do nothing crazy and end up in jail over Ant Mo. I know you take a Xanax and go to sleep” my friend said before I hung up. 

I was actually hurt by the news even though I wasn’t surprised. I was enraged at the thought of Anthony sucking and fucking anyone the way he used to do me. I was enraged that he thought he was just gonna love me and leave me. Oh he had the right one. 

When Anthony called me that night he tried to small talk, but I couldn’t let him talk to me like everything was ok. 

“Keep shit 1,000 with me right now. Are you fucking half of Oakland” I asked. 

“Why you doing this dumbass shit right now. I’m all the way out here stressing about school and missing you and you pull this dumb shit right now” he said clearly upset. 

“Yo I not a dumbass bitch. Are you fucking Oakland? Are you planning to go home to your ex-girlfriend? Just fuck me and my son huh?” I asked. 

“You are a dumbass bitch and you going to be alone forever. Always being messy and talking to your dumbass friends. You’re a messy ass dumb ass bitch” he said. 

“Fuck You” is all I said before hanging up the phone. I thought about catching a flight to Oakland to burn the  whole school down with him in it. However I couldn’t realistically catch a flight to Oakland start a fire and be home before my son woke up, but honey if I could have trust me I would have. 

“I hate you don’t say nothing else to me” I texted Anthony. He never responded. The next day at work I told Mai Tai about all the drama from the night before, and shed a few tears. 

“Girl fuck that stupid ass little boy. You are a prize if his dumbass couldn’t see that fuck him” Mai Tai said. I appreciated his words, but I still needed Anthony to feel my pain. 

I didn’t have to wait long actually. Less than a week later I was on the bus on my way home from work. I looked out the bus window and I saw Anthony driving his car, with his ex-girlfriend in the passenger seat and the son in the back. As soon I noticed Anthony he made a turn, and he never saw me. I had to be sure I wasn’t crazy and I really saw Anthony before I reacted. I called my home girl jasmine up. 

“How fucking long has Anthony been home, and nobody said shit to me” I asked.

“You didn’t know Ant Mo has been here every night for almost a week” she said. My homegirl lived two apartment buildings down the street from me. I was 2428 and she was 2430.

“So you telling me this guy drives past my house every day and never stopped in to say anything” I asked. She didn’t reply and I hung up. 

Since my friend told me Anthony was over her house every day I went straight to her house. She opened the door and let me into the apartment. Her boyfriend was standing in the living room. 

“Tell Anthony to come here right the fuck now or I’m going to his house” I said. 

“How do you know where he lives” my friend’s boyfriend asked concerned.

“I followed him home one day. And if he is not here soon I’m going to his house” I said. 

“You need to calm down. Anthony did really like you. You went crazy on him cussed him out and told him not to contact you” he said. 

“I went through your phone and told her what I saw” my friend said to her boyfriend who was trying to play dumb. 

“Y’all some messy ass bitches. You fucked up their relationship and for why” Edward responded to his girlfriend. 

As soon as the words left his mouth without thinking twice my friend and I attacked her boyfriend because birds of a feather flock together. Why was he defending Anthony so hard?

My friend hit her boyfriend over the head with a vase that was on the table. Edward was similar in stature to Anthony. He was also like 6’4, 250, with long locs down his back the only difference was he was light skin and Anthony was dark. Other than that there was no difference between the two, and somebody was going to feel my wrath. Anthony wasn’t there so Edward would do for now. 

After my friend hit Edward with the vase I reached into my pocket and pulled out my Taser.  I tased him twice and he didn’t fall, but I could tell he was hurt. Before he could get his composer together I ran to the kitchen grabbed the first pot I saw and hit him in the back repeatedly. 

All I could hear was “you are going to kill him” in my head. I ran out of their apartment. I stood outside my apartment shaking I was so mad. I needed to find Anthony as soon as possible he needed to feel me. I was done with letting men take advantage of me. 

As I was standing outside I saw Edward driving his car up the street towards me. O he must be ready for round two I thought to myself. Edward drove up and rolled his window down a little. I could see that his eye was black. I didn’t care I was so enraged. 

“You going to be ok?” he asked me.

“I’m fine give Anthony my message” I said. He didn’t say anything but the look in his face showed that he was upset. My friend and I really tried to kill him in that apartment and yet here he was trying to make sure I was ok. That’s why my friend loved him, and that is why I liked Anthony so much. There aren’t too many actual men provider, pleasers and protectors available. 

I went in the house and took two Xanax because I needed to calm down. I was still so angry I was shaking. Once the Xanax kicked in I went to sleep. I woke up to 50 missed calls from Anthony. 

“Oh now this guy remembers my number” I thought to myself. 

“I’m still outside I been outside for three hours. Just come out and talk to me please” Anthony texted me. He had sent me over 30 text but I was sleep. The Xanax did its job because I was still angry, but I wasn’t shaking anymore. 

“Let me grab my knife just to be sure” I thought to myself. I was prepared to stab Anthony in his neck if he said something that I didn’t want to hear. 

“Coming” is all I texted Anthony back when I woke up.

I went outside ready for a fight, but I was still so tired from the Xanax. I didn’t let Anthony talk before he said a word I punched him in his face. I went to punch him again and he grabbed me. 

“Don’t hit me again yo. You really are fucking crazy yo. Bat Shit fucking crazy” Anthony said as he continued to hold me. 

“Get off me” I said as I tried to break free. Anthony let me go.

“You went back home” I said angry but tired from the Xanax. 

“You told me you hated me and to never say nothing to you again” he said. 

“Yo I will stabbed the shit out your dumb ass do not talk to me like a dumb basic bitch. I knew you weren’t coming home when you gave me the key back” I said.

Anthony just looked at me with the sad kid who just got caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing look. 

“We been together for 8 year. I raised her son since birth” he said. 

“I don’t give a shit about that bitch, that fucking bastard child or you at this point” I said. 

“Can I come in so we can talk” he asked.

“Are you dumb fuck no” I said.

I don’t know how but I let Anthony smooth talk me that day. I missed him I craved him I needed him. I didn’t let him come into my apartment, but I wish I did. I just took my dumbass and my kitchen knife back in the house and went back to sleep once Anthony left. 

The next day I went to work and told Mai Tai all about the events that unfolded the yesterday.

“Sis did you fuck them up” Mai Tai said laughing.

“I tried they’re big as hell” I joked.

Mai Tai stated that because it was Friday we should all go to Happy Hour to distress. Work was stressful, and my life was spiraling out of control. I needed a drink with my friend. 

We went to a local bar, and started taking shots. 

After a few shots Mai Tai stopped being so flamboyant. It was like the more he drank the straighter he became. 

“If I take another shot Maya’s son is going to be a big brother” Mai Tai said. 

I took another shot in disbelief. I was so confused like “when did yo just start liking girls. The liquor made him straight or at least bi. I thought to myself.  

Before I could react to Mai Tai’s statement towards me he came over and kissed me right at the bar. He was kissing me and feeling on my butt and moaning at the bar. The kiss was so passionate he kissed me like he loved me. 

“I wanted to fuck you since the moment I saw you” Mai Tai said. 

I was wearing a dress and I pulled my breast out at the bar. Mai Tai didn’t miss a beat me started sucking on my nipples at the bar. 

I was too drunk to really process what was happening, but I knew I needed to get out of that bar. I texted Anthony and asked him to pick me up ASAP. Anthony like my ghetto superman pulled up to the bar within 20 minutes and took me home.

“You need to be careful going out and drinking like that. Go in the house I’ll be back in 20 minutes I have to make a stop. Leave the door open for me” Anthony said.

I was drunk I went in the house and left the front door open, but I locked my bedroom door. I fell asleep fully clothed. I woke up when I heard the front door open. 

“I’m in here daddy” I yelled. 

Anthony tried to open the bedroom door and became irate once he realized it was locked. I jumped up to unlock the door for him.

“Why is this door locked? Who was in here before I came back” he said angrily as he looked around my room. 

“I’m on the third floor who do you think I was fucking Spiderman” I said drunk but annoyed. I laid back down I could hardly stand.

“You miss daddy dick” Anthony said as he started to undress. 

“Yes Tai” I said responded drunk. 

End of Part 3

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  1. Wow. I knew he was going back to the baby momma but damn this is too juicy. When is part 4 gonna be posted??? I need more I’m hooked sis..

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