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Single Black Female

Single Black Female


⚠️ Warning Reader Discretion is Advised! Explicit Language and Sexual Content ⚠️

“Tai gay yo from your job?” Anthony asked as he stepped closer to me. He was so angry, and I could sense his anger across the room.

“Yea he was texting me to make sure I got home safely. You know I was drinking.

I said my response out loud instead of texting it” I lied trying to think quickly on my feet. By the time I finished my lie Anthony was standing right in front of my face. He believed the lie I could tell because his demeanor started changing slowly. I could tell that he was less angry, and I needed to think quickly. The only problem was that I was too drunk to think clearly or quickly.

“You need to lay down and sober up, because your drunk ass almost got you and Tai gay ass murked. Do not play with me yo” Anthony said.

“Ok gangsta bae I said” trying to lighten the moment. 

I showed Anthony the text from Tai asking me if I got home safely. Anthony was relived, but I could tell he was still upset. I was just too drunk to care to be honest. I don’t know what happened next because I blacked out. 

I woke up again around 7:45am wrapped in Anthony’s arms. I was instantly annoyed that Anthony stayed the night. I became extremely annoyed once I realized Anthony was still in my bed. However before I could react Anthony woke up just as I moved. He kissed me, and I kissed him back. I don’t know how but one kissed turned into hours of love making. I feel asleep and woke back up around 3pm. When I woke up Anthony was in the living room watching TV feet kicked up liked he lived in my apartment. I needed to remind him that he lived around the corner and was in an 8 year relationship with his fake baby momma.

  “I thought you would be home by now” I asked him as I walked into my living room. 

“This is my home” he said with puppy eyes. I laughed, but I didn’t mean to laugh out loud. Men are funny I thought to myself. Anthony was used to slinging community dick around and women looking pass his many indiscretions and infidelities. I however understood community dick was for the community and I could never claim it. I wasn’t trying to turn a hoe into a housewife. All I needed from Anthony now was for him to “Pull up eat on my pussy and then dip” nothing more nothing less. I didn’t need for him to hold me anymore, I didn’t want to cuddle, and I honestly didn’t even see a reason to kiss him anymore. Anthony belonged to the streets and I was setting him free.

“You do not live here buddy. Remember the 8 years, or all the pussy from Oakland”. I said sarcastically but stern. I needed him to feel me.

I could tell that Anthony was about to start cussing calling me all types of dumb bitches, but I cut him off before he could open his mouth to lie. 

“So all I want from you is occasional dick and head. I’ll call you when I need it, and you can call me” I said as I looked him straight in his eyes. 

“I want to be with you I just need more time. I can’t leave her like this, but I want to be here with you” he said. 

“I am about to shower. I need to lock the door” I said as I walked to the door hoping Anthony would get the message. Anthony just looked at me with the same sad child look in his eyes that he always gave me. He looked hurt. I didn’t care I just wanted to shower and to go back to sleep. 

Anthony got the message and starting walking towards the door. “Damn it’s like that for real” Anthony said as he walked out of the door I was holding open. “Can I at least have a hug damn” he said. I hugged him and advised him I would text him later. I closed the door. I was done with any type of “relationship” with Anthony, but I still needed the head and wanted the dick so I decided to keep him around a little longer.

After my shower I sat on my bed to reflect on Mai Tai for a moment. How could I have been so naïve I thought to myself?

Mai Tai and I worked together for about two months before during one of one our “girl talk” conversations he said something strange to me.

“If I come over your house I know I’m going to have to fight” he said.

“Why would you have to fight” What are you trying to say” I asked.

“I’m just saying because if someone sees me they would think I was your boyfriend” he said

Monday was just another regular day at the office. Mai Tai told me that he felt like he could open up and be his true self around me without judgement. He told me that recently he started being attracted to women more than men. He also told me that he was like Drake and preferred his women BBW. He also said that he thought about eating my pussy every day, but he did not know how to tell me. Tai also told me that he never slept with a woman before, but that was something he was thinking about more often now. 

“So are you bisexual, or are you just a girly man” I asked. 

“Bisexual, but since you just jumping straight to the point I have a question. Are you going to let me eat your pussy” he asked. Mai Tai said “Bisexual” with his regular high pitched voice I was used too, but as he finished his sentence his voice became deeper and deeper. 

The rest of the week was business as usual until Friday at 4:15pm. Mai Tai asked a few coworkers and myself to go to the bar with him once our shift was over to relax and have a few drinks. Work was stressful and we needed to relax. At first I declined the innovation. Going out to the bar drinking every week was not my thing.

“I’ll take you home when you ready to leave just come” Mai Tai said. 

I agree to go and limited myself to 4 shots of Patron. After about 2.5 hours of me just sitting at the bar taking shots Mai Tai came over and asked me if I was ready to leave.

“I am ready whenever you are Maya” Mai Tai said. Mai Tai drove me home. When we got to my building he parked and got out the car.

“Let me get the door for you” he said with his voice sounded so deep I thought he was Barry White. 

“I want you to be comfortable with me here. You told me that you never wear clothes in the house only a t-shirt.” he said to me.

“OK because I couldn’t wait to get out of these jeans. I’ll be right back” I said as I went into my room and changed. I just wore a white Hanes t-shirt that Anthony left there and some lace panties. Once I came out of my room Tai was just coming back into my apartment from his car. 

“You smoking” he asked. I agreed. For almost 2 hours we just smoked and listen to Lil Baby’s album. After 2 hours Tai looked over at me and asked me if I was getting sleepy. I wasn’t sleepy I was just bored and it was awkwardly silent in the room. 

“No” I said.

“Ok because I don’t want you to go to sleep. I want you to stand up and let me kiss you” he said.

“Don’t ask me just do it” I said as I stood up.

Tai stood up and walked closer to me and grabbed me around my waist. He started kissing me and feeling on my butt. After a few minutes of passionately kissing Tai stopped kissing me and bit his lip. The next thing I knew Tai pushed me and I fell onto the couch. I like rough and it wasn’t a rough push, but I could tell he was really trying to come off as masculine.

“Take your shirt off. Let me see those perky ass titties” Mai Tai said. 

I took my shirt off and I was laid back on my couch naked in front of Tai, pussy soaking wet. Tai looked down at me naked and his mouth began to water. I cupped both of my titties and on que Tai started licking and sucking my titties. He was licking and sucking my titties and all I could think about was how well Tai probably sucked dick. His mouth was so watery and he would pop my whole double D breast into his mouth and suck it. Then he would pull it out of his mouth and lip my nipple. I don’t know why, but Tai sucking and licking on my titties the way he was turned me on and I came.

“I want these soft pretty motherfuckers in my mouth” Tai said in between moans and sucking my breast. 

“Choke me” I whispered. I needed Tai to be aggressive with me. Once the words left my mouth Tai’s face lit up.

“I knew you was a freak” he said. 

“Choke me” is all I said.

Tai took one hand and started choking me. 

“Choke me harder” I said. His soft hands were barely wrapped around my throat. Tai took both hands and started choking me. I looked at him, and I didn’t see my gay office husband. He was all man at that moment and I was all the woman he needed. As Tai choked me he looked at me in pure disbelief as I came again. I could look in Tai’s face, and see that he was enjoying the show.

After I came Tai began to kiss me again. He started playing with my breast, but I was done with that. He needed to put his money where his mouth was, or at least put his mouth on throbbing soaking wet love box. 

Tai began licking and slurping all my juices up. 

“This ain’t his first time eating pussy” is all I could think as Tai’s tongue teased my clit.

Tai grabbed me hips and pulled me closer as his face disappeared into my warm wet pussy. I could feel Tai’s hands slip to my backside. He held both my butt cheeks in his hand as his tongue disappeared into my love box. Tai began tongue fucking me, and I couldn’t hold in my pleasure. 

“Damn what the fuck” is all I thought to myself. Tai had done this before because he was amazing. 

Once Tai came up for air I didn’t know what to do. 

“You like this pussy” I said trying to be seductive. 

“I love it” Tai said eyes wide open as he went in for round two on my love box. Tai slurped my clit and I lost my mind. He was tongue kissing my entire pussy.

“Stick your fingers inside” I said. 

Tai stopped and looked me in the eyes as he sucked his two fingers. Then he put the same two finger in my mouth. I sucked the fingers and looked Tai in the eye. I looked down I could see how excited his was because of the budge in his pants. 

Tai shoved his fingers down my throat and I gagged. As soon as I gagged Tai pulled his fingers out my mouth and stuck his fingers right inside of me. I let out a small moan, and Tai went to work.

“I’m coming I’m coming” I yelled out in pure ecstasy as I came hard repeatedly. Tai was switching between his mouth and his fingers to please me and I couldn’t handle it. 

“Is your toy still in the top drawer” he asked me. I told him that I always kept the toy in the top drawer just in case during one of our “girl chats”. I always told Tai that I didn’t play about my toys. 

“Get it” I said. Tai walked to my room and got the toys from the right place. It was like he had been inside my apartment before even though that night was his first time. He grabbed my 10 inch pink toy with the rabbit attached that I got from Spencer’s. He also brought my finger clit vibrator.

“Which one do you want me to use?” I asked.

Tai handed me my 10 inch toy. I touched my vagina and felt that my juices were still flowing. I was Niagara Falls Tai turned me on completely. I wasn’t ready to sleep with Tai, but I would let him watch me fuck the shit out of my toy.

“Let me watch you play with yourself” I said. Without a second guess Tai took out his dick and began to please himself. He was moaning as I rubbed the rabbit part of the toy against my hard clit. The rabbit was moving at the perfect speed and I began to moan out loud. I used one hand to keep the rabbit right on my clit and another hand to squeeze my nipple and my breast. Tai was jerking and pulling at himself watching me in amazement as I moaned loudly.

“Stick in in” Tai said still moaning and watching me in amazement. 

I didn’t say anything. I took the toy and slowly penetrated myself. I was holding the toy in the perfect position and the 10 inch slowly disappeared into my woman hood. My body began to jerk, and I pushed the whole dildo into myself. My inside began to explode.

Tai came at the sight of me pleasing myself and crying out in ecstasy. Once Tai came and I watched him my body began to shake. I was almost at my climax.

“Eat up this mess” I said as I felt myself began to come. As I demanded Tai got down on his knees and began to lick and slurped up my juices.

“I knew you was a freak, but damn” Tai said. I still had the dildo inside of myself. I came hard all over the dildo and pulled it out of myself. My vagina exploded all over Tai’s handsome face. I took the wet dildo and handed it back to Tai. 

“Clean it” I said. 

Tai took the didlo covered with my cum and sucked away my juices. I came again watching Tai clean off my toy with his throat. 

After the sex Tai laid his head down on my chest. He laid on me for about 20 minutes and neither one of us said one word. After 20 minutes I was ready for bed and Tai had to go. My apartment was not a Motel 6 and I wasn’t allowing anyone else to spend the night. 

I walked Tai to the door and kissed him goodbye. He held me like he didn’t want to leave. 

The next week at work Tai and our supervisor got into a verbal argument. Tai ended up getting fired and escorted out of the building by security.  

End of part 4

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