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Single Black Female

Single Black Female

True Feelings

Once Tai got fired the office rumor mill went crazy. Everyone was talking about how messy Mai Tai was and how much drama he managed to stir up. I looked at Mai Tai as a friend so I didn’t join in on any of the rumors. 

“How do you feel about Mai Tai getting fired?” a coworker asked me. 

“I don’t” is all I responded. I am not a messy person and I refused to get pulled into the drama. Mai Tai was my friend and I am nothing but loyal. Loyalty runs a long way with me. Once I loose trust in a person they’re dead to me.

“You really trying to be loyal to Mai Tai I can tell” my supervisor Shele said. 

“You know loyalty runs a long way with me” I said not trying to allow myself to get consumed by the drama. 

“Well Mai Tai was never loyal to you. He always talked about how stupid you were. He always called you Twiddle Dumb. I was surprised when I saw how close y’all became” my supervisor said.

“Twiddle Dumb that’s crazy. When he said that what did y’all do? Laugh with him? Why did no one say anything before now?” I asked.

The thing was Mai Tai was messy. He was always in somebody’s business or sharing the latest tea with me. I wasn’t surprised that he was also messy when it came to me. Messiness was in his nature. I however was not going to feed into the office drama. 

“I’m just trying to put you on game. Mai Tai was never your friend” my supervisor stated.

“Thank you.” I said ending the conversation. 

“It’s not too many bad things he can say about me with my pussy shoved in his messy ass mouth” I thought to myself. 

Later in the day Mai Tai texted me and told me that he quit because he hated the job and our supervisor. I knew he didn’t quit, but I didn’t care honestly. Men are just liars I thought to myself. It didn’t matter the height, race, or sexual orientation I thought to myself annoyed by Tai. 

The following Friday Mai Tai texted me and asked me if he could come over again. I texted him back quickly “No. Leave Twiddle Dumb alone”.  I didn’t feel like being bothered any more. I just sat on the couch and decided to binge watch my favorite new show Good Girls. 

After about two or three hours I dozed off on the couch. I woke up to a knock at the door. I looked over at my phone and saw that it was 11:35pm. I also saw that I had several missed calls from Mai Tai and several unread texts as well.

I looked out the peep hole and there Tai was standing at the door. He was wearing his hat to the back, a sliver chain, and a hoodie. “Why do these men keep feeling so entitled to me” I thought to myself.

“I heard you walk towards the door” Mai Tai said with his hand on his hip. “Open the door Maya” he said sounding like Mai Tai. 

I had never seen anyone turn on and off their gay switch like Mai Tai. I opened the door.

“I just want to have girl chat with my friend” Mai Tai said. 

“I am not your friend clearly. Don’t waste my time lying you’re a messy ass bitch. I always knew in the back of my mind that you were shady, and I’m not surprised.” I said. 

“No bitch you know I love you, and that is why. You’re so straight forward and to the point. I said it. I’m not going to lie. Everyone talked about you when you first started. You walk into the office in the morning and don’t speak just sit at your desk and start working. You’re weird and you’re rude as hell. You don’t give a fuck what comes out of your mouth” he said.

“Why are you here buddy” I asked clearly annoyed. I wasn’t sure why everyone felt so entitled to my time. I walk into the office say good morning once to everyone and sit down and start working. Clearly I wasn’t at work to make friends. I stopped trying to make friends a long time ago.

“I am sorry yo. Look I can’t take back what I said in the pass. Shele and her no neck biggie tittie self is messy as hell for waiting until after I left to tell you that anyway. Why she didn’t tell you what she said about you? She want to fuck you too” Mai Tai said. 

“What?” I asked shocked.

“Yea when you first started she and I talked about you because you were so quiet. The quiet ones are always the closeted freaks” he said. 

“Why are you here spilling lukewarm tea” I asked again. 

“I can’t stop thinking about you. I keep having flashbacks of how good your pussy taste. That’s all I can think about now. You are all I can think about now, and that’s how it’s been since I laid eyes on you” he said. 

“O really” was my reply.

“I’m just confused now. I know that I can’t give you want you want or what you deserve. You want a man that will come home every night so you can cook dinner. You want a family” he said.

“And you don’t know if you like boys or girls” I said. I knew Mai Tai and myself would never make a good couple. Mai Tai was a messy homosexual or bisexual man. I didn’t have time for him to figure it out his sexuality. I didn’t’ have time to figure out when he was being messy or when he was being honest. Mai Tai was confused about a lot more than his sexuality. He didn’t know whether he wanted to be a good honest person or a pointless shit starter. He was right I didn’t have time to waste with him.

“I know I like you. I like everything about you” he said. 

“Sir the only thing you can do for me right now is help me release some stress.” I said.

Mai Tai didn’t come over to my house that night to confess his love for me. He like all men wanted only one thing for me, and at the time I was ready to give it to him. 

“Can I have a kiss” he asked. 

“You can kiss this pussy” I said still annoyed. 

Mai Tai bit his lip and looked me in the eye. I just said the magic words. Mai Tai sloppily ate the soul out of my pussy from the front and the back until I couldn’t take it anymore. 

“This pussy so fat and wet” Mai Tai said during a moment that he came up for air. Not wanting to hear his voice I grabbed him by the back of his head and forced his face into my pussy. 

“Shut up” is all I was able to say. Once he finished Mai Tai stood up and looked at me giving me a sad face. 

“Are you done or do you want some more” he said. I thought I was done and drained, but the look in his eye let me know he was ready for another round. 

“You always talked about riding someone’s face. I am here now” he said. 

As much as I was done with Mai Tai the way he aimed to please me turned me on and I was ready for round two. 

“Go sit on my bed and take your pants off” I said to Mai Tai. Without hesitation he followed my directions. 

When I walked into my room Mai Tai was laid flat in my bed dick sticking up hard as rocks. I climbed in the bed and laid next to Mai Tai.

“You still want that kiss” I said.

“Please” he replied. 

“Damn yo done said please” I thought to myself. However I didn’t kiss Mai Tai. Instead I climbed and positioned my knees on each side of Mai Tai. The only thing Mai Tai could see with my legs straddled across his face was my pussy. I began to grind and ride his face.

“Don’t use nothing but your mouth and your tongue” I whispered. Damn I couldn’t lie riding Mai Tai’s face felt explosive. My legs began to feel tired and I had already came several times. I lifted my pussy from Mai Tai’s face.

“Sit that juicy pussy back on my face” Tai said. I was done but him saying that prepared me for round 3. I turned my body to sit on his face reverse cowgirl style. Just as I turned and started to sit back on Tai’s face he came.

Once I reached my climax I climbed off of Mai Tai’s face and walked him to the door. We exchanged hugs and I closed the door. Once I closed the door I grabbed my phone to block Tai. That chapter was closed.

I saw I had several text from Anthony. I ignored the texts I didn’t even read them. I was tired and my legs were sore.

One month passed before I saw Anthony again. We didn’t sleep together. I just called him to let him know that I was pregnant and he was the father. Once I called Anthony he arrived to my house within minutes.

“Damn what you going to do yo” Anthony said. He didn’t even look me in the eyes he just looked at my stomach in disbelief. I was also in disbelief.

“I don’t know” is all that I could say.

“Well I’ll support you no matter what you choose to do. I got you Maya” Anthony said finally making eye contact with me.

End of Part 5

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