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Single Black Female

Single Black Female 

Part 7 

Losing our child was the last straw for Anthony and I. Our on again off again affair ended in the worst way. I went back into my shell after I lost my baby. I wasn’t ready to date or get back out on the scene. I vowed to never let another temporary man around my son. I needed to focus on myself and becoming the best mother that I could be to my son.

 I quit my old job, and started looking for a new job. I could no longer take the drama and I needed a fresh start. I finally landed a job as a fraud investigator at an insurance company. Finally life was starting to look up for me, but my new job didn’t start for almost a month and a half. I had almost two months of free time, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

One day as I was leaving the grocery store Shop Rite I noticed a security guard and local dealers hanging out outside of the store.

“Loud, Loud, Diesel” one of the men yelled out at the passing people. I rolled my eyes as I walked toward the crowd.

“What the hell type of Friday security guard is this” I thought to myself as I got closer to the small crowd of men.

As I got closer to the crowd the security guard finally realized he was on duty.

“Aye let her get passed” said the security guard. The men separated and let me get pass them.

“My bad sweetheart” one of the men said as he moved out of my way.

“Thank you” I said as I smiled at the security guard.

“Let me talk to you for a minute sweetheart” said the security guard.

I kept walking, but he jogged after me.

“I can’t get a minute of your time” the security guard said.

I stopped walking and turned around to look at him. He was fine. Tall, brown skin, aggressive, and handsome. I liked his whole swag and he smelled good. He smelled like Coach and I love a man who spends money to smell good all the time.

“What’s up” I said.

“I see you come through here often and I been wanting to say something to you. You real beautiful I love your smile” he said as he started to blush. He smiled and I noticed his gap, but even with the gap his smile was gorgeous. He was fine Dave East Fine.

”Thank you” I said with a Kool Aid smile. He was so fine, and approaching me like a man. I could not believe I never paid him any attention before now.

I exchanged phone numbers with the security guard whose name was Micah. Micah and I started texting right away. I was intrigued by him, and I liked his swag. When I started texting Micah however I realized that he was not going to be my prince charming. Micah was one year older than me, but unlike me he had three kids, and three baby mommas. He was active in his children’s life but that was a lot of kids for a 26 year old man to have. Micah’s kids weren’t young children either they were ages 8, 5, 6 years old. At one point in the year Micah’s younger kids would be the same age for a few months. Micah was a busy man very early in life.

Once Micah told me about his kids I told myself that our relationship would never really amount to anything. I could never trust that Micah wasn’t running back and forth between his children’s mothers. Not to mention he was still young and still fine. I knew that I could never trust Micah, and he was also a Leo. Micah being a Leo and a single man under 30 with three children with three different women was too much for me. I decided to just put him on the back burner. I was not about to open myself up my heart to that drama after healing from the Anthony disaster.

However I did enjoy texting Micah. He was fine and someone to talk to pass the time. Micah was also someone that I could talk to about every aspect of my life. I talked to him about my custody battle with my son’s father. He always gave me the best advice. Micah also always sent me unsolicited dick pictures. Usually I would get upset when men would send dick pictures but Micah’s pictures were different. He was laying on a clean bed with nice sheets and just looking healthy thick and hard.

One day after I started my new job I texted Micah and told him about my anxieties with starting a new job. I told him how I hated the judgmental looks from my co-workers. I told him how exhausting it was knowing that no matter what I did everyone always hated me. I told him all about the weird office things that I was going through.

“You not there to make friends. You there to make money to support your son. Tune out all the noise” Micah said.

Micah was right. I wasn’t at the job to make friends or socialize anyone. I was there to make the money to support myself and my son. It just sucked always feeling like the odd man out. It was so exhausting knowing that I put myself out to the public, and the public hated it. The public and my peers hated me for just being me. I hated how all the other girls in the office would clique up and form bonds, and then there was me. The weird quiet girl who never got invited to go anywhere. Micah helped me feel better and less alone.

That night after I texted Micah and bared my soul I went home and made baked spaghetti. My son and my cousin were over my apartment.

“Are you feeling better” Micah texted me.

“Yea thank you” I responded.

“Can I see you? Micah asked. I put some food on the plate for Micah and told him to meet me outside my apartment. I didn’t want to introduce Micah to my family because we had only been talking for less than two months.

When Micah texted me and told me he was outside I left the apartment to meet him. He got out of his truck looking and smelling good. I handed him his plate and he put it in his truck. He then just hugged me and held me in his arms for what seemed like a temporary forever. I felt so comfortable in his arms with my head on his chest. I don’t know if it was our Gemini Leo connection, but there was a spark between us.  I already told myself to just have fun and to not fall in love.

“Man fuck those bitches. Ignore them” Micah said.

In that moment in Micah’s arms I didn’t even care about the drama from my job.

“Fuck em” I said with a smile. I looked Micah in his eyes, and he bit his lip.

“Get in the car” Micah instructed. I got in the car and Micah just looked at me. He looked at me with lust in his eyes. I felt lust in my soul Micah was so handsome.

Once we were in the car my nerves took over for me. I didn’t say anything I just looked Micah in his eyes.

“You so quiet. I like it you sexy as hell shorty. I been wanting to talk to you for a while I’m glad I finally did. You quiet, but I know there is more to you than that” he said.

Micah was still talking and I leaned over and kissed him. The kiss was the best kiss of my life. Micah kissed my soul. His lips were so soft. Once we kissed I felt fireworks and I never felt that way with any man. Not even Anthony. Not my son’s father no one had ever kissed my soul.

“I could kiss you all day” Micah said as he started to kiss me again. I didn’t say it, but I could kiss him all day too. His lips were so soft I just wanted to know what kind of Chap Stick he was using. He smelled good and his lips were soft. For a second I thought about being baby momma number 4.

“Damn if this how he kiss I can see why he has so many damn kids” I thought to myself. I told myself that I wasn’t going to sleep with Micah because of the number of kids he had, but after kissing him I knew I lied to myself.

“I’m fucking this guy” I thought to myself.

Micah had to leave and get back to work. I had to go back in the house and get my son ready for bed. However I didn’t want to leave Micah. We agreed to see each other later in the week. My son was going to his father’s house and I was going to be alone for the weekend.

The rest of the week flew past and before I knew it Friday was here. Micah texted me when he got off work to let me know he arrived. I texted him back to let him know the door was open. 

“Let’s go get something to eat” he texted me.

I agreed he drove me to the local restaurant Valentines. He ordered me a crab cake dinner, and he ordered a steak. It was a very cute candle lit dinner. I was impressed by the effort Micah put into planning the date. After we drank and ate Micah left a large tip, and he drove me home. 

“You think I’m just trying to get in your pants” he said

“Are you” I asked.

“Naw shorty I really like you. I like your vibe, I like your conversation. You different than the rest of these females” Micah said.

“Well you’re spitting the same game as the rest of these males” I said unimpressed. Micah chuckled, and then there was an awkward silence.

“Come on inside” I said to break the silence. 

Micah and I went into my apartment. Once we got inside Micah started kissing me. Every time we kissed it was magical for a lack of better words.

After kissing Micah stopped for a minute. 

“I’ve been working 16 hours can I take a shower” he said.

I let him take a shower and then I went into my room and laid on the bed and watched television. When Micah got out the shower he stood in my room in just his towel. He looked like something out of a magazine ad. The boy was fine. 

“I forgot my clothes in the car” he said.

“You don’t even need them” I said. 

Micah was fine. Micah was compassionate. Micah had just spent over 250 dollars on dinner, and Micah’s fine ass was sitting in my room in nothing but a towel. 

Once the words left my mouth Micah smiled and bit his lip. He was as turned on as I was. I stood up and took of my shirt and my then my pants. Then I hesitated. Micah was so handsome and I was so self-conscious. 

Micah looked at me standing in my bra and underwear and dropped his towel to reveal his hard 10.5 dick. His penis was thick, long, and full of veins. He was almost perfect and more and more I understood why he had so many damn kids. 

“You’re so sexy Maya” Micah said as he bit his lip. “Take your panties off too” he instructed. I did as I was told. 

Micah came over and started kissing me again. While kissing me Micah began to finger me. I was so wet I could feel my juices dripping down my leg like Niagara Falls. As soon as his fingers penetrated me I came. Once I came Micah laid me on the bed and began eating me out. Micah licked, and fingered me and played with my breast until I almost exploded and then he stopped. When he stopped he laid back in my bed and looked me in the eye. 

I knew he wanted head, and I had never put anything like that in my mouth. However I knew I had to perform.  I began to suck his dick and moan. I licked his balls and before I could do anything he stopped me. 

“Get on top” he said.

“No I don’t I can’t” I said. I was too self-conscious to get on top. I never got on top because I just wasn’t confident enough to do so. I am not ashamed to admit that I was scared. 

Micah didn’t say anything. He just switch positions with me and now I was laying on my back. 

“Condom” I said. I went into my nightstand and pulled out a spare Magnum that I had. Micah put the condom and then again began satisfying every ounce of my being.  He kissed and licked every part of me before he entered me. 

Once Micah entered me all I could feel was bliss even with the condom on his strokes touched my soul. I could feel myself open up to allow him to enter. I felt every vein on his dick hit all of my walls. Micah was a professional. Every time he stroked me he looked me right in my eyes. 

“You look so sexy taking this dick” he said over and over again. 

After the sex was over I laid my head on Micah’s chest. I reminded myself “girl don’t fall in love this man had 3 kids”. However I liked Micah. I wasn’t interested in having another child, but I wanted him to stick around. I came into the night thinking it was going to be a one night stand, and I finished the night confused. 

End of Part 7

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