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None of Your Concern

Part 2

My Sister’s Keeper

None of Your Concern 

Part 2 My Sister’s Keeper

5 years ago I helped my sister kill her abusive husband. He was a military vet and PTSD turned him into a monster. After his death my sister and I lived together and I helped her raise my niece and nephew. I was fine staying home and being a full time nanny to help my family, but after a while I started to suffocate. I needed to live my own life, and do things to make me happy. I decided to enroll in a Master’s program and I started working full time job as claims specialist for an insurance company.

That is where I met Elijah. Elijah was 6’4 brown skin and had the biggest hazel eyes. I never seen a man so handsome in my life. He was fine fine. Elijah played college basketball but decided to take up law when he failed to be drafted into the NBA. Elijah was the supervising attorney at the law firm Benjamin and Associates. I didn’t work at the law firm I worked for the insurance company Liberty Mutual in the same building as the law firm. I saw Elijah every day in the elevator and at the coffee shop located in the building. 

One day after six months of working in the same building Elijah asked me out to dinner, and the rest is history. We became inseparable, and six months after dating we tied the knot. Once we were married I moved out of my sister’s house and moved in with my husband. Elijah spoke my love language and catered to my every need.  He was the piece that completed me.

Elijah and I decided to honeymoon in Jamaica for a week. Everything was perfect Elijah booked a suite at Sandals Royal Caribbean. The only thing that I didn’t like was Elijah’s phone kept going off all day and night. He said it was work, and I understood that he was an important man, but it was our honeymoon. However Elijah never answered the phone, and I let him work 2 hours every day in the morning as I slept in late. However the late night calls and text raised my suspicion. 

The third night of our honeymoon Elijah went to take a shower, and left his phone under the pillow. I noticed that he turned the phone off completely, and he never cut his phone off. Once he went in the shower I took the phone from under his pillow and powered it back on so that I could investigate. Elijah never told me his phone password, but I watched him do it so many times I knew it. As soon as I turned the phone on 20 text messages from Brain from the office came through. Brain also left over 20 voicemails. I knew something was off, and I was about to get to the bottom of it. There was no one at the office named Brain that I knew of, and I knew all of Elijah’s coworkers.  

Several nudes’ pictures of a petite blonde with blue eyes was the first thing I saw when I clicked on the text messages. I recognized the naked blonde as the legal assistant at Elijah’s firm. The legal assistant was Sarah who was always so nice and professional. Elijah used Sarah as a personal assistant, and she was in charge of his life at the firm. Sarah made sure every Monday and Friday Elijah sent me flowers. She made the reservations for all of our date nights.

“I miss you, you’ve been gone too long daddy” one text message said.

“I can’t believe you really married her. I love you and you love me” another text read. 

I listen to one of the voicemail and she was crying in the voicemail, and telling my new husband how much she loved him, and how she would do anything for him. Another voicemail said that she was willingly to be the mistress as long as he didn’t cut her off completely.

Elijah and I were married, and I had been nothing less than the loving girlfriend and now wife to him, but what he didn’t know was that I had a bad side. My bad side was evil and devious and would stop at nothing for revenge. Not wanting to ruin my honeymoon I quickly marked all the text, emails, and voicemails as unread and powered the phone back off. 

“I should kill him” I thought to myself, but I knew I couldn’t kill Elijah. Well I could kill him, but I didn’t want too and I knew that I would only be hurting myself if I killed Elijah. So I decided that I would not confront Elijah especially not on our honeymoon. However Sarah I would deal with her later. 

Once I put Elijah’s phone back under the pillow I quickly called my little sister to let her know what I just found in my husband’s phone. 

“Sarah the skinny white one that was at the wedding” my sister asked in shock. 

“Yes that’s her” I replied. 

“Say less sis finish enjoying your honeymoon and I’ll see you when you get back” my sister said before hanging up the phone. 

When Elijah got out the shower that night I was waiting for him in nothing but my silk royal blue Fenty robe. I dimmed the lights and played Sade in the background. Once he opened the door I dropped my robe. 

“Damn I love you beautiful” 

Elijah said as he approached me and began kissing me. He sat on the edge of the bed cupping handfuls of my ass. He then began kissing and cupping my double D breast licking my erect nipples and he began to finger my wet pussy. I began to moan out loudly. I loved when Elijah played, toyed and sucked my body.   

I pulled away from him and dropped to my knees and began to suck his soul through his hard erect 10 inch manhood. I loved hearing my husband moan loudly in pure ecstasy. I used my hands, I licked the tip and I tried to sallow him whole. Every time I would take all of him that I could in my mouth and then gag a little. Elijah went crazy when he heard me choking on his dick he always did. I took all the spit from my mouth and spit on his dick, and then I instructed him to lay back on the bed.

He laid back on the bed as his erection stood up in the air hard and ready. I don’t know what it was, but picturing Sarah swallowing my husband’s dick turned me on and made me wetter than ever. I pictured how he would bend her over in the office and I almost reached my climax. I sat my soaking wet love box on Elijah’s face as we began to 69. 69 was one of my favorite positions. I liked feeling my husband drown in my juices and I ate his manhood whole. I felt Elijah starting to reach his climax, and I quickly changed positions. I wasn’t ready to release yet and I was not going to let him release either. 

I switched positions now riding Elijah’s smooth face. My legs began to shake as I rotated my box all around his face. His face was now my face as my juices smothered him. 

Elijah knew what I liked and as I rode his face he reached up and squeezed both of my best. I left out a loud moan. He then started playing with my nipples taking turns squeezing my breast and flipping my nipples as I rode his face until I reached my climax. As my body began to shake I let out another moan. I felt myself release a puddle on Elijah’s face. 

Quickly after the climax I removed myself from his face, and sat on his erection. It was now his time to release. I rode his dick like I was in the Kentucky Derby. As I was riding his dick I made sure to reach back and grab his balls which were full now. I knew he was close to his release. All he kept saying was “you so nasty I love you”. I didn’t say anything and then I felt his body tense and then I felt him fill me up. I climbed off of him and laid next to him. I kissed him and told him I loved him, and then I went to the bathroom to freshen up. 

That night we slept and Elijah held me the entire night. I didn’t bring up his little infidelity because that was the farthest thing from my mind. 

The next morning Elijah ordered room service and gave me breakfast in bed.

“In college I experimented a lot with women” I said.

“Well aren’t you just full of surprises” Elijah said with a smile.

“I am and the surprise will just keep coming” I said with a smile.

Elijah and I agreed that threesomes were an option for our relationship, and there was no need to cheat. I told him that I was open to the idea of threesomes and that I would do whatever it took to please him all he had to do was be honest. 

The last night of our honeymoon I woke Elijah out of his sleep sucking him off. He woke up and I was licking and slurping him like a human Popsicle. Elijah couldn’t control his moans and I could see his toes began to curl and I started licking and slurping his balls. I felt Elijah began to reach is climax and I was ready. 

“Cum on me” I said 

Without a second word Elijah released all over my face. I took the facial as I looked him in the eyes and still kept sucking until he was gummy. 

“Damn I love you” is all he said before going to the bathroom. 

Once we left the resort and headed to the airport Elijah’s phone began ringing off the hook again. When he answered the phone I could see that something was very wrong with him.

“What’s wrong baby” I asked as I saw a tear drop.

“My legal assistant Sarah, you know the one who helped plan the wedding. She died last night. Someone drove her off the road and she crashed her car into a tree and didn’t make it” he said.

“Oh my God I’m so sorry I know how close the two of you were” I said in total disbelief. During the flight back Elijah didn’t say much. I knew he was devastated about the loss of Sarah. The two of them worked together closely for over 5 years. 

Once I got home I texted my sister to let her know that we made it back to the states safely. 

“We are home sis. I love you” is all I texted. I knew my sister missed me, and would do anything to keep me happy. We always supported each other ever since our mother died years ago. 

Even though my husband was sad about the loss of his coworker, I went to sleep that night at peace. Goodbye Sarah. 

Shortly after being home from Jamaica I found out that I was pregnant. Elijah and I would now be parents. 

End of Part 2

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