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None of Your Concern

Part 3 

Family Feud

After I gave birth to my son Naiseem I left my full time job to become a stay at home mother. My husband Elijah was a supervising attorney at a local law firm and made more than enough money to support our family. I enjoyed staying home with my son watching him grow. I previously took care of my niece and nephew, but there was nothing like the feeling of taking care of my own son. I also paid all the bills for our household. Elijah brought home the money and I spent it wisely. I set up all my husband’s email accounts for his personal and business accounts. I created the passwords and monitored everything for him so that he never missed an email, important date, or bill. Elijah probably didn’t even know all of his passwords because he rarely logged out and I was always signed into his accounts. 

Even though I enjoyed being a stay at home mom I needed a break. Being home with a toddler all day drove me crazy.  When my son turned 3 years old I enrolled him into a half a day preschool so that he could interact with other children and I could get some alone time.

One day after I dropped my son off to preschool I went home to enjoy a glass of wine as I went through all the bills. I needed to make sure everything was paid for the mortgage, gas and electric car notes etc. Once I was almost finished paying all the bills I saw that there was a past due balance on one of my husband’s credit cards. He received an alert telling him the account was past due and late fees would be applied. The credit card was an American Express card. I did not know anything about this new card because my husband never told me about this card. He applied for the card without my knowledge and then forgot to properly maintain the card, and that was typically behavior from my husband. He heavily relied on me to make sure everything was properly maintained in his life. 

Strangely enough my name was not on the credit card anywhere. Once I opened the email I clicked on the pay now button, and was brought to the account information. The account required the proper login credentials to gain full access to the card. I tried to use the password that I used for all the accounts, but the password did not work. However I knew my husband like the back of my hand. I tried using his mother’s birthday and old jersey number, and it was the correct password. Once I had full access to the account I could see all the purchases being made with the credit card. I saw bills for luxury 5 star hotels, high end salons, and jewelry. I also saw that the card was being used to pay rent at a luxury apartment complex. I looked at all the charges and was completely flabbergasted. My husband was once again cheating on me, and this time he was completely taking care of the woman that he was having an affair with. Who else would he be paying the rent for, and paying for physical upkeep? Once again my husband stepped out of line. 

I needed some answers and I was going directly to the source to get the answers and that was my husband. Once I picked my son up from school I dropped him off to my sister’s house. I didn’t want my son home because I did not want our son to witness his parent’s arguing. 

I printed out the entire credit card statement and held it in my hands as I waited for my husband to arrive home from work. I couldn’t decide if I was going to channel Left Eye or Angela Bassett in waiting to exhale, but I knew that there would be flames, and hell to pay. 

“Who is she” I asked my husband as soon as he came in the door from work.

“What do you mean” he responded.

“Who is the woman living at 203 Suja Ave apt 305” I responded.

Elijah didn’t respond; he just stood in the kitchen looking at me like a deer in the headlights. He completely froze for a few seconds in time as he quickly tried to think of his next steps. I didn’t want to give him any time to think of his lie so I decided to press him hard. 

“Cat got your fucking tongue? Who is the woman that you are taking to Ruth Chris every Thursday when you are supposed to be working late? Answer me” I yelled as tears of anger began to flow uncontrollably down my face. I was crying but I was sad I was angry.

“I didn’t want you to find out this way” he said.

“Answer me who is she” I responded.

“I messed up, but I don’t want to lose you or my family. She is a law student that I have been mentoring. I made a mistake it happened one time. She’s pregnant and she says the baby is mine. I’m sorry Angela I love you she means nothing to me” he replied as tears rolled down his cheek. 

“She’s pregnant and the baby is yours?” I asked, trying to make sure I had an accurate understanding of my husband’s latest infidelities. I knew that he wasn’t being completely honest. His affair wasn’t a one-time thing; the credit card statement went back for 13 months. He was sleeping with this woman long for a very long time. 

“Get out” I said as I picked up a knife and threw it at him. 

Elijah ducked just in time and the knife did not hit him. He ran over to me and fell to his knees crying and asking me to forgive him. 

“Angela I’m so sorry I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to lose our family. It was a mistake. I was lonely. You spend all your time with the baby and you hardly give me any attention. We don’t go out anymore, I needed the attention” he stated in between his tears. 

“Get the fuck out of this house before I killed you” I said coldly. 

“Leave and go where? This is my house. You are my family” he said. 

I took a Taser out of my pocket and tased him on the top of his head as he sat on the floor on both knees. His body shook for a second, and I knew that after the initial shock wore off I would have to make my next move. 

“Get out of my house before I kill you” I said once again. I met what I was saying. 

“I’m leaving I just need my clothes you’re crazy” he said in disbelief. 

Little did Elijah know he hadn’t seen crazy yet from me.

“You don’t have any clothes here. You don’t have anything here” I said. Everything that belonged to Elijah was gone. I removed every single item of clothing and everything went up in flames. I donated all his shoes there was nothing left in the house for Elijah. 

Elijah left the house that night and I didn’t ask him where he was going. 

Once Elijah left he kept calling and texting me telling me how sorry he was for his infidelity. He kept leaving voicemails professing his love for our family. I ignored all his attempts to contact me. 

Later that night my sister came over to drop my son off. I explained to her that I learned not only was my husband cheating on me he may have fathered an outside baby. 

“This is the second time he has cheated on you and violated you sis what are you going to do” my sister asked. 

“I don’t know what I am going to do now. It depends on if the baby is his. I want a divorce but it’s not that simple” I stated. 

“What you mean it’s not that simple yes it is that simple. Don’t you have an infidelity clause in your prenuptial’ she asked. 

“I hate him, but I love him” I said as I began to cry sad tears. The truth was even though I was heartbroken by my husband’s infidelity I still love him. He was the love of my life, and I couldn’t see myself being with anyone else. I couldn’t see myself divorcing him and living alone. More importantly I would never see him living life with anyone woman. I loved Elijah. 

“Love? I loved Terrance” my sister said. Terrance was my sister’s abusive ex-husband who died a few years back. 

“Terrance was beating the shit out of you. Don’t bring that up now it’s not the same situation” I responded. 

“Why is it not the same? I loved Terrance, but I refused to let him violate and disrespect me. You’re being soft and dumb for this man who disrespects and cheats on you whenever he feels like it. Elijah doesn’t love you sis” she responded. 

“We can’t kill everyone who disrespects us. Calm down little gangster” I responded jokily. 

“I’m always calm. We killed my husband and the father of my children calmly. I killed Sarah calmly, and I will calmly kill Elijah for disrespecting you” my sister said calmly. 

“It’s funny to me without a second thought you killed my husband, but you want to give this cheating dog chance after chance” Angelica said.

“He was beating your ass” I yelled again at the top of my lungs. My sister was acting like she didn’t see the difference. Terrance was cheating; he wasn’t choking me out, or punching me in the face. 

“You could’ve been killed sis. We had to kill Terrance” I yelled even louder. 

“My husband had to go, but yours should be spared because you love him. You’re selfish and only care about yourself. You just didn’t want me to be happy. You wanted to swoop in and be the hero big sister like always.  I’m out” my sister replied as she gathered her things.

“We can’t kill him, I’m pregnant too” I said as tears flowed down my eyes. I was pregnant. I couldn’t bear the thought of killing Elijah especially not while I was carrying his child.

“Cute Elijah is having hood twins. Goodbye sister” Angelica said before slamming the door and leaving my house. 

I couldn’t believe that Angelica thought I was selfish. We came up with the plot to kill her ex-husband together. He was beating the shit out of her own a daily basis, and he had to go. Elijah never laid a hand on me and aside from the cheating he treated me like a queen. I didn’t understand how Angelica just thought it was a good idea to kill him Elijah. I wasn’t going to kill Elijah and I wouldn’t allow my sister to kill him either just because she was lonely, and didn’t want to see me happy. My sister was so used to me being there for her every call. I was a built in nanny who took care of her kids for her. My sister was a spoiled brat who thought the world owed her something. Killing her husband saved her life even if she was too stupid and childish to realize that. 

Two weeks after I kicked Elijah out of the house he called and asked me if he could come over and see our son. Elijah was a good father and the last thing I wanted was to jeopardize the relationship my son had with his father. I always was refusing to take any of Elijah’s calls or text, and I was starting to miss him. I wanted to see how he was doing. I missed him. 

Elijah came over and played with our son as I sat in the next room. Elijah was at the house for four hours and bathed our son, and put him to sleep. 

“Angela can I talk to you for a minute” he asked. 

“You don’t have anything to say to me. Say whatever you need to say to your pregnant mistress. Since she was giving you all the love and attention that I couldn’t give you as I raised our son” I said angrily. Talking to Elijah I began to see red, and thought to myself maybe my sister was right. 

“She got an abortion and I broke it off with her” he said.

I didn’t reply but tears started to flow down my cheeks. 

“I don’t want to be with any other woman. I want to be here with you and my son. I love you, I love our family. I messed up” he said as his voice began to break.

I still didn’t reply. I was angry but I loved my husband. I missed my husband being home with me. I knew our son missed his father. 

Knowing that the mistress had an abortion I felt a little better. I didn’t want any woman walking around with a piece of my husband. I was weak. 

“If you want me to leave I’ll leave, but I love you Angela. This will always be my home and I am willing to give you as much time as you need. I messed up” he said. 

Elijah walked closer to me and again got down on his knee. He took a ring box out of his hands and looked me in the eye. 

“Can we start over? I love you” he said. 

I looked down at the Tiffany & CO. box and looked at the beautiful diamonds looking back at me. Elijah upgraded my wedding ring. It was bigger and better, but before I could respond Elijah pulled out another box. Brand new diamond earrings were in the other box.

“Yes” I said. I loved my husband even before the gifts. The gifts were pain killers and I happily accepted them. More than the gifts I wanted my husband back. 

“Before you say yes go look outside” he said with a smile as he got off his knees. I went to the door and saw a brand new Mercedes hybrid S class. The car was perfect. I began to cry. Elijah really knew how to apologize to his wife. 

“I’m only forgiving you because both our children will need their father” I said. 

“You’re pregnant” Elijah asked, sounding completely elated. 

“I thought I was the one giving you gifts and once again you have out done me” he said with a smile. Elijah came over and kissed me. He held me in his arms for what seemed like forever. 

“I’m so sorry Angela. I messed up. I am a man and I can admit my mistakes. I was wrong and I’m blessed to have you as my wife and mother of my children. I love you” he said. 

“I love you too” I said. 

“Can I move back into my house” he asked. 

“Mess up one more time and the house and everything else is mine” I said. 

Elijah moved back into the house. He was the perfect husband and father throughout my entire pregnancy. It really seemed like my life was back on track. I was finally happy again. I forgave Elijah for his infidelity, but I didn’t forget. I kept everything in the back of my head.  Fool me one shame on you, but at this time Elijah had fooled me twice. There wouldn’t be a third time. 

Nine months later I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Alijah. I named her after her father because she came out with his whole face, even his eyes. Seeing Alijah was love at first sight she was so beautiful. My whole life I wanted a daughter, and finally god blessed me with a beautiful baby girl. Everything in my life was perfect. 

Elijah and I decided to have our daughter baptized when she was three months old. My sister agreed to be the godmother to my daughter. The night before my daughter’s baptism Elijah didn’t come home from work. He stated that he had to go into the office to finish up some paperwork. When he didn’t arrive home I became nervous. My first thought was Elijah was cheating again, but something in my gut to me that something was extremely wrong. Even when Elijah was cheating he always came home. 

I called Elijah over 100 times. My sister came over to watch the kids for me and I began driving around looking for my husband. I went to his office, but there was no sign of him. I drove around all night, but I never found him. That morning I went to the police station to report Elijah as a missing person. There was no sign of Elijah and he wasn’t answering any of my calls or text. I told the police that Elijah was missing for 48 hours so they could start searching for him immediately. I couldn’t go through with the baptism without my husband so I postponed it. 

Once I made the missing person’s report I went home hoping Elijah would turn up soon. I kept calling and texting him. Both our families were out looking for Elijah calling him and texting him repeatedly. However Elijah did not return anyone’s calls or text. 

Elijah was missing for 72 hours when there was a sudden knock on the door. 

When I came to the door there were 2 police offices in uniforms. I was advised that my husband’s body was found in his car. The police advised me that Elijah was shot twice in the back of his head in his vehicle. The vehicle was found in the next town over. 

My husband the father of my children was murder in cold blood. The police said they thought it was a carjacking gone horribly wrong, but I had a gut feeling that was not the case. 

End of Part 3

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