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None of Your Concern

Part 4

Nobody Wins When the Family Feuds

Less than 12 years ago my sister and I killed her abusive husband. My sister decided for whatever reason to never date again in life to honor her dead husband. Angelica has always been spoiled and slightly selfish.

Last year my husband was brutally murdered in his car shot in the back of the head twice. After his death was confirmed my sister stepped up to the plate to help me with my two children who were now fatherless. Unlike my sister when he husband died her children were older. However when my husband died he left me with a toddler and an infant. My husband was a well off attorney, and a college basketball star so he left me with a decent nest egg, but no amount of money could bring my husband back. Aside from the fact that he did stray every so often my husband was the best man that I ever met. He was a pleaser, provider and protector and the love of my life. He was the father to my children and even helped out with my sister’s kids. He loved my niece and nephew like his own flesh and blood. He was a cheater, but show me the perfect man and I’ll show you a liar that has not been caught.

Once my husband was shot I knew my sister had something to do with his murder, but I just couldn’t place it. She however denied any involvement with my husband’s Elijah’s murder. 

“Damn I really wish Elijah was here to see how momma is growing up she is so big and looks just like him” I said to my sister.

“Momma looks like our momma isn’t that why we call her momma? She doesn’t look anything like that man let him rest in peace” my sister responded clearly annoyed as she rolled her eyes.

“It’s just I wanted my daughter to have a relationship with her father. Elijah would have spoiled her” I said starting to tear up.

“I wanted my daughter to have a relationship with her father, but he has been dead for years now. Elijah is spoiling momma with all the money he left y’all. She’s good, and so are you. Move on with life” she responded.

“Money isn’t everything, but that’s all you care about in life” I responded.

“Sis I love and care about you, and I am tired of hearing you cry and mope around about Elijah. He is gone move on. I’m here to help you with the kids.

“Moving on is easier said than done. How long has it been since Terrance left? When were you planning to move on? Start a new life have some more children? You’re still young, but you sitting around waiting for the ghost of the man you killed” I said.

“We killed him” she responded.

“Did we kill Elijah” I asked looking her right in the eyes.

“Girl I did not kill Elijah. Guns and blood everywhere that’s not even my style. Oops I meant our style. I’m out. I’m tired of this every time I come over here you crying over this dead man. Girl bye if he was still alive his ass would be cheating on your dumbass right now” she responded. Right when I tried to open my mouth to respond Angelica got up and left.

Once she left the house I knew that she just looked me in the face and lied without a second thought. I practically raised her and she would not only kill the father of my children, but she would disrespect me with a lie while looking me in the eyes. I promised my mother that I would take care and look out for my younger sister, but all promises aren’t met to be kept.

The police never really had any leads about what happened to my husband, and that made me sick to my stomach. I called the police station twice a week, and every time I was told that there were no new leads, or suspects at this time. I had to step up to the plate once again and do the job that someone else was supposed to perform. Just like I was forced to step up to the plate and help my sister kill her husband because she wasn’t strong enough to do it on her own.

I was the strong person the big sister.

Three months passed after my sister and I had the huge falling out about my husband’s death. I talked to my sister every day after she left my house practically boasting about killing my husband in my face, but our relationship wasn’t the same. She was more distant, and I was also more distant. For the first time in my life I felt like I couldn’t trust my sister my God-given best friend. She lied to me in my face, and our relationship would never be the same. However I was ready to move on with my life. I needed to get away and have a girl’s trip.

“Let’s go to momma’s house for the weekend. I just need to get away and take a break from these kids” I said to my sister.

“We haven’t been to momma’s house in so long. I definitely could use a vacation, and I miss my sister” she replied agreeing to spend the weekend with me in our old home. The house was old, and located in the hood, but my sister and I fixed the house up to be our secret getaway. The house was completely pink on the first floor, sky blue on the second floor, and the basement was red.

My sister and I drove 8 hours back home to our mother’s house.

“I love it here” my sister said as we pulled up to the single family home.

“I love it here too sis. All the memories that only you and I share” I stated. Our kids never came home to see momma’s house. Our dearly departed husbands also did not ever come to see our momma’s house. The house was our safe hiding space.

When we walked into the house Angelica ran to her old room like she was 5 years old and happy to be home from school.

“I’m about to shower I’ll see you later ok” she said.

I went right to the kitchen and started cooking dinner. There was nothing that I loved more than cooking in momma’s kitchen. The kitchen was completely redone, but I could still see my mother at the sick cleaning chicken. I still felt her presence in the home even after she had been gone for all these years.

Once my sister got out the shower we ate dinner and reminisced about old time growing up with momma. My sister drank two bottles of wine by herself. We sat on the comfy couch and binged watched investigation discovery. 

“You trying to smoke?” my sister asked with a smile.

“Did you tell Demonei that we were in town?” I asked. My sister acted as if her life ended once her husband died, but I knew she wasn’t perfect. My sister always had a thing for “Demonei” a local drug dealer. She loved Demonei since we could talk, but Demonei’s lifestyle and street life made their relationship impossible. Demonei wasn’t anything more than a local hustler, and he never would be anything more, but Angelica had a soft spot in her heart for him. I knew he was half the reason she agreed to go on the trip with me.

“You know I did girl and he is outside now” she said, and before I could react there was a knock at the front door.

“How long has it been? I’m fucking him tonight” my sister said slurring her words. She was feeling the wine, and ready for her third bottle. It was at that moment that I realized my sister needed this break more than I did. 

‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” I said. My sister went to the door to let Demonei inside of the house. When she opened the door Demonei was just standing there dressed in all black. He looked the same medium height 5’11, brown skin, perfect white teeth, diamond sliver bottoms, and flawless brown skin. Demonei hadn’t aged in years he still looked 25. If he wasn’t a loser drug dealer still selling dimes and nicks I would have given him a chance.

“What’s up D” I said once he came in the house.

“What’s up Ang good to see you” he said, but he never took his eyes off my sister.

“Y’all better be careful because I’m not taking care of anymore kids” I said trying to be funny.

Angelica couldn’t wait for the dick she stopped the conversation and started heading to her room. I stayed on the couch watching television for a while, but soon the smell of gas was flooding the house. So much weed was being smoked I started coughing from receiving a contact high.

First it was the smell of weed smoke, and the all I could hear was sex. Angelica was experiencing the time of her life, and I could tell from the moans.

In that moment I became infuriated. Angelica was fucking her middle school lover’s brains out and her I was alone and sober because she killed my husband.

In that very moment I decided to go and get the gun that we kept in the closet. There was weapons all over momma’s house for some reason. I took the gun loaded it and headed to my sister’s room. 

Once I was near my sister’s room I realized the weed smoke was so strong, and the sex was so loud because the door was cracked open. I looked through the crack of the door and I could see Demonei standing up, and my sister on her knees pleasing him.

“Damn I missed you shorty” Demonei said as he stroked my sister’s hair with his hand.

“Damn this shit feels so good” he said as his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Angelica didn’t say a word. She just kept sucking and gagging on his big black dick. Demonei was packing more than dimes and nicks. I knew my sister liked him for a reason.

I could tell by watching Demonei through the crack in the door that he would soon reach his climax. Just in that moment I kicked the door open and shot Demonei directly between the eyes. Headshot.

After shooting him the first time I quickly pulled the trigger again shooting him twice in the head, before my sister could react I shot her in the back of her shoulder, and once in her spine. I didn’t want to kill her I just wanted to hurt her.

Demonei’s body slumped over, and blood was everywhere it seemed like. Demonei was dead my sister was crying out in pain and unable to move. We were in the hood so the gunshot did not make anyone this twice. 

“I’m going to ask you one more time did we kill Elijah” I asked my sister now aiming the guy at her head.

“You’re my sister I love you. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you” she replied through her tears.

“Help me sis and this stays between us” she cried out.

I couldn’t believe that Angelica would still lie to me even after being shot. We were sisters and we never lied to each other. I couldn’t trust my own sister anymore after that point. 

“Tell momma I’m sorry” I said and then I shot my sister in the head twice.

After shooting my sister and her childhood sweetheart I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I looked at my sister’s dead boy and watched the blood pour out, and I felt myself starting to cry.

“I’m not going to cry” I said to myself trying to stop the tears.

I looked over on the nightstand and I saw Demonei’s gun. I knew I could made the scene looked like someone surprised Demonei and my sister was a causality of war. Demonei was a street guy who knew who was after him. It was truly so sad that my sister couldn’t stay away from bad boys.

After I shot my sister, and confirmed that the scene was perfect for a drug murder gone wrong I left out of the room. Once I made it back to the couch I could barely move. My body was numb. I cried myself to sleep I couldn’t live with the fact that I actually killed my sister.

I woke up the next morning to my sister, my mother, and Elijah standing over top of me.

“You’re really a crazy bitch” is all Elijah said before he faded to black. His face was full of resentment and I could tell resentment was because of me. I disappointed my dearly departed husband.

“I told you to watch out for your sister and you kill her over a man. A man who didn’t value or deserve you? I taught you so much better than that” my mother stated.

“You always take her side because she is your baby. What about me ma?” I asked my mother.

“You were my first baby Angela. I have loved you since the day you were born, but you’re just like your father. Hot headed, jealous and dumb as hell” she said.

“I didn’t kill Elijah. You said not to kill him so I didn’t. I’m your sister. I never lied to you” my sister said before fading to black just like Elijah.

“Ma” I said.

“Your sister didn’t kill Elijah. You killed my baby. I asked you to look after my baby and you killed her for no reason” my mother said.

“She did it ma she killed him and lied to my face. You always took her side” I said.

“Your sister didn’t kill him you are wrong, but you killed her. Don’t come looking for us when it’s your turn, and trust me your turn is coming. Angela” said my mother. The look on her face was full of disgust and disappointment.

“I’m so” before I could finish my sentence my mother faded to black. I was left all alone.

My phone starting ringing and I realized it was 3pm the next day.

“Hello is this Angela Eucalyptus?” asked a similar voice on the phone.

“Yes Detective Zulu this is she please tell me you have good news for me” I said.

“Yes I’m happy to advise you that we have a suspect in custody for your husband’s murder and we are close to a full confession. I can come to you to provide more information or you can come down to the station when you are back in town” he said.

“I am on my way home now” I said. I hung up the phone and began to cry. I killed my sister the night before, and now that police had someone in custody. Momma was right I killed my sister in cold blood. 

I quickly called the police to report the gruesome scene upstairs. Luckily for me we were in hood and the police didn’t ask too many questions about the scene. I advised them while I was away someone must’ve broken in and killed my sister and Demonei. Everyone knew Demonei was a street drug dealer. Every dog has his day, death and jail are the only things promised to drug dealers, and those who associate with them.

Now I just needed to head home and find out who the police had in custody for killing my sister and my husband. I was going to get my revenge.

End of part 4

Part 5 coming soon and will close this series out. Thank you to all my readers 💚


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