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Sugar Baby Chronicles

Good With the Bad

Rashawn and I started dating 10 months ago. He is 45 years old, and I am 24 years old. Rashawn is a truck driver and works for the state he retired from long haul truck driving. Rashawn really wasn’t my type looks wise. He is about 6 feet tall, mocha complexion skin tone, and he has a small peanut head. He dresses his age always in a baggy sweatsuit, but he is fine to me. Rashawn is my man, and he takes care of me. Rashawn gets paid weekly and every time he gets paid, he pays me. He isn’t my son’s father, but he pays the daycare weekly for me, and he pays my car note.

Honestly before I started dating my man, I was a struggling single mother. Every week I would have to beg, borrow and steal to get the money to pay for childcare, and food.  Once I met Rashawn, he told me I didn’t have to struggle, and he really kept his word. I don’t want for anything anymore, and my days of being broke are long behind me now. 

The only issue I had with Rashawn is well the sex was trash.  His dick is 6 inches hard with thick veins, and he doesn’t know how to lay the pipe. He had zero stamina. Usually when men don’t know how to deliver the D they’re orally gifted. However, my baby was not orally gifted. He would just lick around my vagina missing the clit leaving me extremely disappointed.  

The first time we had sex was 1 month into our relationship.  

“Can daddy have some of his pussy” Ray texted me from the living room. I rolled my eyes but that was my corny baby.  

“Yes daddy” I texted back. I wanted to call him out for being childish and texting me for sex. Why he texted me asking for sex instead of coming in sucking a titty or something I will never know.  

He came into my bedroom and took his pants and shirt off and got in the bed with me. We started kissing, and as we kissed, he started rubbing my clit with his finger. I instantly moved his finger off my clit because it felt uncomfortable.  

“Eat it” I said.  

“This man is so childish” I thought to myself trying to stay in the mood. 

He continued to rub his finger around my vagina.  

“Damn I didn’t know it was going to be like this” he said. 

He didn’t penetrate me yet, so I figured he was surprised that I was so wet. Like Cardi B said “My pussy feels like a lake”. I’m used to men losing their shit when they feel Lake Lanerea for the first time.  

However, before I could say anything Ray had already entered me, and he was pumping so fast. He was pumping like the energizer bunny possessed him and yelling my name and cussing.  

”Damn Lanerea”  

“Shit Shit Lanerea” 

“Fuck I love you” 

I was tired of hearing him yell my name and other profane language for no reason. I needed the nightmare to end quickly. It had only been minutes, but it felt like forever. Ray was staring me dead in my eyes still pumping his little heart out, and I reached up and choked him.  

“Cum daddy” I said to add a little extra spice to the moment. Even though I was unsatisfied I still wanted him to feel like a king. I love him and care about his ego.  

Once the words left my mouth Ray squirted and came. Once he came, he just fell onto my chest sweaty and in love with this young hot ass pussy. I literally just put daddy to sleep.  

After that sexual experience I didn’t want to have sex with Ray again for a while because I didn’t have time to waste. I wasn’t going to keep faking nuts, I just couldn’t do it. I had to figure out a way to improve the sex. Ray’s penis wasn’t giving what I needed it to give, and his neck game was weaker than his dick game.  

Even though his sex was trash Ray was the first man to love me and treat me like a queen. Every other man that was in my life before him even wanted to borrow $20 or just wanted sex from me. Ray spoiled me and I didn’t have to pay for anything. We travel every weekend, and he was always booking spa days and sending flowers to me. Within such a short period of time Ray came in and showed me how a man was supposed to treat a woman.  

I decided that even though Ray couldn’t fuck worth a damn I was not going to leave him. Instead of leaving him I went to and I ordered Morgina tablets and Dr. Sebi Irish Sea Moss capsules. I order them to help build up Ray’s stamina and increase his sex drive. The sea moss is a natural aphrodisiac, and I needed my man to get right so that he could properly lay the pipe.  Most young girls don’t know about the benefits of sea moss and morgina, and they slip molly into their man’s drink, but I’m not a rapist. I want to make my man healthy so that he can live long and pipe me down all night.  

I gave him the tablets for one month, and I avoided sex by any means necessary with Ray. To keep him satisfied I would give him quick blow jobs. Luckily for me he was easy and fast to please orally, and after one nut he was done most times. That was the issue for me. I need rounds, and I don’t need a one-minute man. The oral sex kept Ray off my back for two months. Every time he tried to engage in sexual activities, I would just suck the skin off his dick and put him to bed. I couldn’t keep having sex with him and not being stratified.  

However, after one month I became horny, and I needed to be sucked and fucked until my toes curled. Ray was out with his friends playing pool, and I decided to spice things up a bit. I was giving Ray the sea moss, and the moringa and I needed to know that my money was going to good use.  

I went to the bathroom and washed with my Rose and Goat Milk Yoni Cleansing Bar from Just Journee Wellness. I wanted to be extra fresh for my man. After taking my shower I went to my room and recorded myself masturbating. I fingered fucked my own finger and inserted it in and out of my dripping wet pussy.  I moaned loudly and added another finger into my lake.  

“Fuck me like this tonight” I said as I continued to finger my wet tight pussy. Once I took my finger out my wet pussy, I sucked my juices off and then grabbed my breast. Once I finished recording, I sent the video message to Ray. Once the video was delivered, I knew Ray would be on his way home soon.  

I quickly got up and went to the kitchen to make my yummy pussy smoothie. I put my Slippery Yoni Drops, fresh pineapples and fresh strawberries into the blender. I blended the smoothie and began drinking it before Ray arrived. My pussy already is wet as a lake, but the yoni drops turn me into Ocean Lanerea. The drops please the fruit turn my love box into a slippery strawberry oasis. I planned to drown Ray in my yummy juices.  

35 minutes after I sent the video and drank my yummy pussy smoothie Ray arrived home. Once he opened the door, I could see that his dick was hard as rocks. He was on brick, and I knew that the sea moss and moringa worked. My man was thick, hard and ready to make love to me all night.  

“Follow me to the room” I said, leading him to the bedroom. I felt my juices drip down my legs. I was hot and ready for daddy.  

Ray came over and began to kiss me. As he kissed me, I began to stroke his hard dick through his sweatpants. He began to moan and whispered, “I love you”.  

“Get undressed” I said.  

He took off his clothes as I laid back in the bed. I wasn’t wearing any underwear and my pussy was soaking. I laid back and let Ray get a good view of my ocean Lanerea. He came and started fingering my pussy. One finger deeply penetrated my vagina, and then two more fingers. After finger fucking me until I came all over his fingers Ray shoved his fingers in my mouth for me to clean my mess. I swallowed my juices off his fingers and licked my lips. However, Ray wasn’t done yet and I wasn’t going to let him finish. I noticed that he was still hard. I wasn’t ready for the pipe, yet I wanted to continue to enjoy myself. For far too long I was only worried about Ray’s enjoyment and I was determined to get mine.  

I touched my love box and I was still drippy wet. I rubbed my clit and then instructed Ray to kiss my clit. The first time he gave me head it was weak, but this time I was going to make sure I reached my climax.  

I kissed Ray’s juicy lips softly.  

“Kiss her like that” I said after the kiss instructing Ray to kiss my clit. Before I knew it Ray was patiently kissing my lady parts. Kissing and licking my clit so good I began to cry. Once I felt myself crying Ray started kissing and using his fingers to please my vagina. I felt the tears and then my body began to jerk.  Once I came I realized I loved Ray more than I have ever loved any man.  

“Bend over” he instructed me.  

Once I bent over Ray slapped my buttcheeks. He slapped the cheeks a second time harder before he began to eat my ass from the back. I came again before Ray entered me from the back. He entered me slowly and then began to pump at a steady pace. I started feeling his dick and the feeling was lovely. I kept coming on his dick looking back at him in the eyes. 30 minutes had passed since he entered me. I knew this because I looked at the alarm clock on the dresser.  

“Damn he really trying to go all night” I smiled and thought to myself.  

Ray then flipped me over and began hitting my missionary style. He just looked me in the eyes and grabbed me by the throat. This time he began choking me. I grabbed his hands around my throat and signaled him to squeeze harder. He choked me harder and I came once again on daddy. Once I came Ray came shortly after.  

Right after Ray came, he surprised me and re entered my pussy. He began piping me down better than he did the first time.  

“Damn I love this pussy” he said as he wiped the sweat from his brow.  

I just smiled. I knew he loved my pussy, and now I liked his dick. After he came for the second time Ray pulled out and laid next to me.  

“What are you thinking about, baby?” Ray asked me after the sex.  

Once he asked me the question I quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom to pee.  

“I’m thinking I want to go to Cuba for our one-year anniversary.  

“Ok Daddy will book the flight”.  

The End  

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