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Visual Creatures

Some say men are visual creatures and that is why men can cheat and not get attached. I would ask those same people why those visual men can’t visualize what they will lose by cheating and just not cheat? Why can’t those weak men see a shapely woman with curves in all the right places and visualize divorce court and alimony and realize they have way too much to lose. My ex husband is one of those weak men who let a Denny’s waitress ruin twenty plus years of marriage. All he could visualize was spending a few hours in cheap motels, blow jobs in his Mercedes in random alleyways or a few fun nights at local strip clubs. However I gave him a visual he would never forget. 

I opened the door and happily greeted the pretty brown skin girl on my porch. She was about 5 foot even, pretty hazel eyes, long pretty curly hair and a worried look in her eyes. She shyly came in the door and looked around like she’d never been there before but I knew the truth. I ran my fingers threw her curls seductively as I felt my juices start to run down my leg. All my adult life I spent married so I never got to experiment like college kids do, but being with a woman always intrigued me. She took her coat off slowly to reveal that she was only wearing a simple but sexy black bra and black thong set. I took her coat and walked it to the closet and a positive pregnancy test fell out the pocket into my closet. A single tear fell down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away not allowing myself to feel the pain. I thought about the half naked petite woman standing in my living room. From a looks standpoint she was flawless I couldn’t even lie as I thought about her perky perfect 36D breast and how high they set up. I thought about her perfect round ass and thick thighs and almost came in my closet she was a beautiful girl but that was just that. She was just a beautiful face no substance no education no dreams no goals she had nothing not a pot to piss in or a dime to her name. Well she has your damn husband I said to myself and a sad giggle came out. I ran my fingers through my hair and returned to the living room where she stood alone and appeared to be nervous. I wanted to tell her I read the texts and I have cameras everywhere so I knew the real her and how she’s been sleeping with my husband for the last 18 months but I didn’t  say a word. I wanted to tell her that she didn’t need to bring the pregnancy test because I already knew she was 16 weeks pregnant even though she wasn’t even showing yet but I didn’t. I just came out of my lingerie. I went to my couch and spread my legs and began rubbing myself just like the pornos I had been watching lately because my husband was too busy sleeping with a Denny’s waitress. She slowly took her bra off and her thong and walked over to me and got right on her knees. She just licked on my clitoris until it was so swollen and throbbed over and over begging her not to stop. Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore she reached up and grabbed my breast and gently squeezed my nipple until I came in her mouth. The feeling was pure Ecstasy and I never came so hard in my life. “Damn I almost don’t blame Him she is perfect” I thought to myself. “Damn” is all I said before she was back at it. “Bend over” she demanded and I complied. And with that I felt her finger slide in my ass while her other finger caressed my swollen clit and again I felt myself get ready to release. All I could do was moan loudly as she started to eat my ass literally like a cupcake. “Damn she is nasty as hell” I thought to myself. “Is this all you wanted or you want more baby” she asked as I came again harder this time. I turned back over thinking to myself “o you not leaving here until I’m drained sis believe that”. She just looked at me and must’ve read my mind. She started licking places I have never been licked all the while not saying anything or asking for anything in return but I needed more I wanted more I deserved more. “Sit down” I said and she sat on the couch. I began choking her and fingering her at the same time she was so wet I came again knowing I was the reason for her coming. “Eat it.” She said and I went to town on her licking and playing with her nipples at the same time. She moaned so loudly crying out for me not to stop and I didn’t. So far 45 or so minutes had passed since we started our girls only pow wow. I never told her my husband was on the way because I knew how they both loved secrets. I came again thinking about how it would all play out and how I was going to ask for a divorce that night. “Ride my face baby” she said like this was a free porno but I did as she requested. I was humping her face so hard I squirted but I didn’t stop I kept grinding on her face she didn’t stop either as she devoured me. After awhile I forgot my husband was supposed to be coming until I heard his keys and the door opening. I was riding her face so well I didn’t wanna stop and she just kept eating me like the last supper with her finger so far in my ass I thought it would get stuck. “You bitch” I heard him yell and that word set something off in me and made me nastier. I grinded on her face harder feeling on my own breast never even acknowledging his cheating ass. Quickly after that I felt my body began to shake and I had the best organism of my life. I got off of my husband’s mistress and looked at him and thought to myself pitiful. “You had a queen but throw it all away for this freak bitch honey” is what I wanted to say but I didn’t. He just stood there dick hard with a dumb look on his face. It was that deer caught in the headlights look and I was disgusted. “Jamie before you say anything I know everything she’s pregnant it’s yours and I want a divorce” I said as I stood naked in my living room. In that moment I felt so beautiful usually I’m insecure about my looks because I’m aging and have given birth to four children. My stretch marks are plentiful and my breast aren’t as perky as they where last week let alone 10 years ago but in that moment I didn’t care. I was beautiful. “Congrats Jamie I’ve already met with a divorce lawyer let’s make this quick and painless I can see why you choose her” I said with a smile. “Baby let me explain please I love you I love our family. I’m so sorry I never meant for anything like this to happen” Jamie said dick still hard as rocks through his pants. “I’m so sorry” the mistress started to say but I stopped her mid sentence. “Don’t be”. I said squeezing her perky breast as I began to slowly nibble on them and without hesitation she began to moan again. “Damn this bitch is a freak” I thought to myself. 

Six months later I was divorced, and living my best life. I kept her around for a few late night calls.


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