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Grieving Widow

Grieving Widow

I sat outside my husband’s mistress home in a unmarked car. I had been following my husband around for the last six months watching his every move. I knew he was unfaithful because I seen him cheating with my own eyes. His voice changed when he was lying that was his tell. Unconsciously every time he lied his voice went down one octave. I was married to him for over 25 years I knew him like the back of my hand. While in the car I took several photos of my husband and his mistress. Once I got the photos I needed I got out of my car. I grabbed my knife, my gun just in case I needed to protect myself and my sugar.

Once I got out of my car I went over to my husband’s mistress’s car and I stabbed three of her tires. I then dumped the sugar down her gas tank. Once I did enough damage to her vehicle I crept around to her backyard. I left poison outside all around her house. From my time during surveillance I knew that the mistress had several animals. Two dogs and two cats to be exact it was a zoo around her house. She often let the animals outside to run around in the backyard. The next time she let the pets outside her backyard would turn into a pet cemetery thanks to me. She took something from me and I was going to take everything from her. Once I successfully started part one of my revenge plan I left like a thief in the night. No one would suspect anything until either my husband or his mistress came outside to find the damaged car. And even then no one would suspect I had anything to do with the vandalism. My husband would believe that I was home being oblivious to his lying conniving cheating ways. He always underestimated me. When my husband arrived home hours later I was fast asleep in our bed. He came home around 3 am quickly showered and crept into bed with me like he has been there all night. It pained me to sleep next to him knowing what I knew. I couldn’t believe that he would disrespect me in such a way. I supported him and stood by his side for 25 years. Helping him run his businesses. I was his lover, secretary, accountant, best friend and therapist. How could he hurt me in such a way with such a basic female?

The next morning I cooked breakfast like I did everyday. “Good Morning baby” I said to my husband Tracy as he walked into the kitchen.

“Good Morning what’s for breakfast” my husband said as he kissed me good morning.

“Your favorite eggs, turkey bacon and blue berry waffles” I said.

“Thank you baby I’m a lucky man” he responded.“You sure are what time did you get home last night?” I asked.

“After midnight you were fast asleep when I got in last night. I’m working on this big case and I’ve been working long hours. I’m going to make it up to you though I promise babe” he lied through his teeth.

“When this case is over we need to travel. Just a couples getaway you and I drinking on a beach” I said.

“Book the trip and let’s go” he said. My husband then ate his breakfast and left for work like it was any other day.

I knew my husband would agree to the baecation once I suggested it. He was stressed out and needed to get away. Someone had just vandalized his mistress’s vehicle and he didn’t have the money to get her vehicle repaired. He didn’t have the money because someone was blackmailing him about his extra marital affair. Someone was sending him photos and threatening to expose his wild side. The side that he didn’t show the world. To the world he was a loving father, a lawyer and bishop. However to me he was a fraud,a liar, and a cheater. Ok I will admit it to you I was secretly blackmailing my husband. I would send him the photos. I contacted my husband under an alias. I advised him to deposits of 5,000 dollars weekly into an offshore account. Every week he deposited the hush money into the account like clockwork. So far I collected over six figures from him and he was none the wiser. He thought he was so sneaky and I let him believe that. My godmother always told me to hit people in their pockets.

Yea my husband was stressed, and it was my fault. I was laughing to the bank. Hahaha.

I booked a beautiful sexy trip to New York City. One of our favorite hotels was The Standard, High Line because we love the huge wall to wall windows. Stacy and I love putting on scenes for the world to watch. Whenever our marriage needed a quick pick me up we booked a room. One weekend in that hotel and our marriage was back on track. I purposely booked a room at The Standard, High Line because I needed to keep my husband clueless.

I purposely advised my husband to drive his car to New York and I drove alone as well. I needed him to think that the flame in our marriage was still burning bright. I needed to keep him in the dark like he thought he was keeping me. We spent the weekend in the hotel and never left the room. We ordered room service and ate the food off each other. After the weekend getaway Stacy fell back head over heals in love with me. Nobody was ever going love him or make love to him the way I did. However after the vacation I felt nothing for Stacy. My love reached its limits and Stacy was dead to me.

Once we left New York Stacy drove home alone. I told him that I needed to stop pass my mother’s house to drop off her birthday gift. When Stacy got into the home the hitman I hired was waiting in our living room. I advised the hitman to make it look like a robbery turned homicide. I set the scene to look like someone broke into our home while we were on vacation. I wanted it to look like Stacy came home early and surprised the burglar, and the burglar then shot and killed Stacy. My planned was executed flawlessly. Once Stacy arrived back to our home he was shot three times once in the head twice in his chest. The hitman stole 3,000 dollars cash and all of Stacys jewelry that I left out. The hitman ransacked our home to make the scene look believable. I paid the hitman half a million dollars cash. The three thousand and jewels were just a cash bonus for a job well done.

I came home to find my husband’s lifeless body in my living room. I walked in and shot my husband three more times in his groin, head and left hand. Once I shot my husband I then quickly left my home. I disposed of the gun and my clothes. I was careful and changed into the gym clothes I kept in my trunk. Then I headed to the gym and worked out hard for an hour and a half. I showered in the gym to wash away all the sweat and then I made my way home.

Once I got home I thought I heard a director yell action. I opened the door and saw my husband’s lifeless body and instantly became a grieving widow. During the funeral I was in a world of my own. Everyone thought I was having a mental breakdown. How could I live without Stacy? I cashed in the life insurance policies and inherited 2 million dollars.

My husband’s homicide is still an open cold case. The police never suspected me. Even though the house was ransacked no DNA or prints were left at the scene . The police could never explain why the shooter used two different guns. There appeared to be one shooter but two guns used.

I’m currently offering a $150,00 reward for anyone who has any information that can help police solve the case.


7 thoughts on “Grieving Widow

  1. I just love how from the beginning it took off and gotten all my attention to keep reading. Your doing a good job for it too be your first time. Looking forward for more and to continue this story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. naeemah james May 25, 2020 — 1:51 am

    oooh, baby you did that! keep up the amazing work ♥️ xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great Job! You need to write an entire book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! My book and clothing link should be out in Fall 2020! 🤞 💚


  4. Marie smith from facebook June 13, 2020 — 3:28 am

    oweeee i love it

    Liked by 1 person

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